Just getting into SF4, newbie button masher asking for advice on how to get started


Hi, I just picked up SF4 the other day and I have SSF4 coming in the mail (about a week away). I have decided I want to play Ryu. I have a background in competitive gaming, mostly starcraft and starcraft 2, so I know the importance of practice and dedication.

I’m playing on the 360 and I have the SS4 Pad, as seen here. How important is getting the arcade stick?

In SC2 having practice partners is vital for improvement, can the same be said about SS4?

One last question, is the new SSXT game going to be the standard SS4 game? If so that would kind of suck lol seeing as how I just got the other SS4 games…

Any who, thanks in advance!


SFxT has been considered “bad” by most of the FGC, so don’t worry about it. It may happen in the future, but from the looks of it AE2012 will remain the standard.


Starting with Ryu is a common place to start and is advisable for most players. If you really are a button masher, I’d tell you to throw that habit out right now. Make sure you’re only pressing each button once for each attack you wish to use; this’ll strengthen your execution over time and you’ll be a much better player for it.

The stick isn’t as important as some would make out, it’s purely whatever you prefer. By all means, try out a stick and see how it feels. It’s better to experiment while you’re learning, that way you don’t have to break any habits later that may come with using a certain control method for a while.

SFxT is not looking to be the game of choice for many players, pro or casual. SSF4 is a sound investment, so don’t worry about that.

If you’re from the UK or western/central Europe, I’ll be happy to play some matches with you and chat.

Gamertag: Smokey Amp


Among my group of friends I’ve noticed that the pad players have more issues when switching between xbox360 and ps3, they usually end up limited to one system and can’t play on the other due to the controller being different. The arcade sticks are the same for both systems so people can just borrow each others sticks for different consoles. It is also easier to buy or mod an arcade stick for use on both systems. Since you’re looking into tournament play the system thing might be an issue, i think most tourneys run on ps3 but you mentioned that you would be practicing on 360. I think the new SFxT fightpads for ps3 are finally wired making them usable for tournament level play. You might want to consider getting one of those new smaller fightpads if you decide to stay with pad, that way you can use the same type of controller for both systems if you needed to. I would also recommend sticking to SSF4:AE 2012, everyone i know has dropped SFxT.


Actually all top players are stick player. I do not mean that pad players are noob, however if u switch to stick, there is plenty of advantages.
Usually pad hard to do plink, which let u in disadvantage for 1-frame link. 2nd thing is the pad hard to do kara-anything…kara-throw, kara-focus,etc…
and it is also hard to perform piano hand.

If you really serious and wanna improve in SSF4, my advice is must have a stick. It is just a one time investment…


Stick makes just about any advanced technique easier. Same with old games. Roll canceling, shosho, paint the fence, pianoing, plinking, etc.


Just quit now fighting games are BS.


Why are you still posting here?


Because I can.


Hey man, whatever you wanna do with your time…


Why go through the frustration when people are just going to spam projectiles, uppercut when you jump, and block all of your attacks, but are still out of range to throw?


My point was more, if you dislike the game, stop spending all your time bitching about it on a forum and do something else instead.


This is the most beautiful post I have ever read. I am going to make it my sig I think.

The answer to that question is because You can do all those things to your opponent as well. Fighting games aren’t what is happening to you irregardless of your actions, they are what you are thinking and doing based on a fast paced relationship between two minds and their respective list of character specific and systemic options. I can play someone fairly new to the game and make them feel like I am a mind reader with AA, throw techs, setups etc. Then I can play a better player and it feels like they are reading my mind. That is how fighting games work and why they can be very rich. You get to learn how people think.


You could just tell me how to counter it?


I just did. bypass fireballs, don’t jump unless it is safe, find a way to trick them into blocking wrong, and get in range to throw. You speak as though you are in a disadvantageous position, as if everyone else is using cheat codes and you are under powered in every way.

We all have the same 6 buttons and the same joystick. Your Ryu does the exact same damage on a sweep as my Ryu, which does the same damage on sweep as Daigo’s Ryu.

Think more about what is causing you to eat damage and do those things less. Think more about how you are causing damage and do those things more.