Just gonna buy my first arcade stick


Hi guys, I’m new to arcade sticks. Not really new, cause you know, I’ve been going to arcade centers sometimes but I can say im newbie to arcadesticks. I’m planning to buy one as a pas time, just for casual gaming. Can you help me decide what’s better?
I’m tight on money and I don’t really plan on buying over hundred dollars on a hobby which I’m gonna get over soon. I just want to play some SFAlpha anthology and KOF on the PS2 and some MAME on pc. Please don’t recommend me anything and/or modding. I’ve already searched before making this post and these 2 only had me interested.

The ASCIIWARE PS1 Fightstick(The one that looks like a fat ps1 console) + ps2 to usb converter
The Infamous MAYFLASH Universal Fightstick

Now, now you can bash these two all you like. But seriously… are cheap fightstick like these aren’t capable of doing combos? Like, with these fighsticks, all you can do is walk, jump and button mash? hopefully not. Please… I don’t want to hear anything like, save money and invest on hundred dollar fightsticks or mod it. It’s not like i’m training to participate onto tournaments. I just want to enjoy and have fun playing a regular fighting game. And as I said, these are my only option. I have no plan buying anything other than those two(or if you could suggest a better fightstick with the same price as these two.)

tl;dr: What in these two should I get?


if you are limiting the choice to those… then the mayflash.


the mayflash was my first stick also. i didn’t think the joystick was too bad and the buttons felt a little stiff but all i was doing was DPs anyway. the asciiware ps1 stick is very old and you would nearly be forced to mod based on the condition of the stick which probably wouldn’t be very good. i’d say go with the newer mayflash


I was hoping to have more positive comments for ASCIIWARE. Could I perform great combos with Mayflash?


i can’t say i’ve used an asciiware controller. but i do have alot of experience using and modding the mayflash. the buttons work by striking a conductive pad against two copper bits, a gamepad works the same way and but is more consistent with the inputs. great combos usually require 1-3 frame links between these inputs. your ps2 preference really cuts down your options. a brawlstick would do nicely and is around the same price, maybe your computer can handle the ps2 emulation


I had the asciiware controller. It’s fine. Though I will say that I used it almost exclusively to play Tekken 2 since 2d fighters sucked on the PSX because of load times. I will say that I had no problems doing combos and air juggles in Tekken, however I upgraded as soon as the Namco stick came out and I would recommend that one if you can find it.


A brawl stick ($40) with a ZD ps2/ps3/pc encoder ($20). You would have to install the ZD encoder, but it’s a very simple plug and play (might have to do some simple wire swaps for the joystick harness) job, no soldering or special tools needed, comes with all the wires. Also, since you’d be gutting the brawl stick’s pcb, you could sell it here and recoup some of your money (buy the 360 model, you’ll be able to sell it easily). This route well also work better than ps2 to pc converter (which can be problematic for fighting games).

As a bonus, you could use the stick on ps3 also.


What? $40? You’re talking about the WWE brawstick right? I just checked it on amazon and it’s $60-$90. I saw it on gamespot’s website and it’s only for $19 but currently unavailable online. I hope it gets available soon. :confused:


Those who are selling the Brawl Stick for $60 - $90 on Amazon is ripping you off.
Unless its clear Amazon it self that is the seller, then the item sold by a 3rd party and Amazon is just a listing service.


Amazon had them new for $40 the last time I looked. There’s a used PS3 one listed for $50 (+$4 shipping) with the artwork removed (which is worth an extra $14 IMO) .