Just got a gaming PC, now what?

Mostly I play all my fighting games on my 360 but now I have just acquired a PC that can game with Ultra settings on Skyrim and Starcraft 2 . My questions are…

  1. Do Mad Catz TE (360) sticks work on the PC as well on my console?

  2. Should I buy SSFIV on disc or on Steam? (Steam NOOB)

  3. What other fighting games can I play on here besides SSFIV:AE?

  4. Is the community strong on SSFIV AE PC (a lot of players playing or is it dead?)

Thanks guys for all your help and dealing with my noobie questions.

Well, my answers aren’t the best, but here we go;

  1. Yes. As long as it has a USB cable, then it should work. You’d only have a problem with PS3 arcade sticks.

  2. This is more personal preference. Do you prefer digital or a hard copy? I personally prefer a disc copy of the game if I can get it, since if something happens to my PC or my internet, I’ll still have the game. Plus, if you install the game using a disc, you can then play the game without the disc inserted. I’m a Steam noob myself though, so someone else may be able to share their opinion on Steam.

  3. I think there’s only one other fighting game series currently available on the PC, but I don’t remember the name of it. However, Street Fighter X Tekken is going to come out for the PC, so there’s that.

  4. At the moment, the PC community isn’t as lively as it was before as people are currently waiting for the 2012 update for PC (though there are still some players who play, myself included), and I have no idea what the release date for it is (I’m guessing sometime this month though). However, when the update arrives, there should be a lot more players playing.

So yeah, those are my answers. Hope it helped at least somewhat. :smiley:

Thank you very all my questions were answered!

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