Just got a PS3 after owning a 360 forever


I got it for a steal at $100, so I couldn’t pass it up. It’s one of those 120 GB Slims. The main reason I got it was for playing Street Fighter with friends on PSN who didn’t have Live. Also, most majors are PS3 exclusive, so I thought I’d nab one to bring a setup and get free entry. :slight_smile:

What I want to know is:

  1. What are some good games EXCLUSIVE to the PS3?

  2. To those who have both consoles, how do you decide which version of a game to get when it’s multi-platform? I wanted to pick up new games like L.A. Noire and Portal 2, but can’t decide if I should get it on my 360 or PS3.

  3. How is the quality of PSN vs Xbox Live? I usually hear XBL is superior in connection stability.

  4. I’m looking to dual mod my 360 TE’S’. What board would you guys recommend I use? Any tips/guides I should be aware of?

Thanks guys!


There’s a very active PS3 thread already happening.


I tested both console and I am more on Playstation Network than Xbox Live.

Connection: Well, it depends on your connection and your opponent’s connection. Also, depending on the game’s netcode and how it’s design to perform while gaming. When it comes to FPS. I hardly have lags for both console. When it comes to XBL. I get more lag on XBL time to time. But stable and PSN. I get good connection but time to time lag input vs lag spike.

Titles: If you’re into FPS. Go with MAG. It’s a really good FPS game if you’re into a big map. Also, Uncharted 2 is really good and hopefully the 3rd one is good as the 2nd one. I heard Heavy Rain is good too and if you’re into Metal Gear Solid. Why not get MGS4 and enjoy the game till a new one comes out.

Multi: If you’re into fighting games (like myself). I’ll snag two copies of MvC3, 3rd Strike, MvC2, etc. As long as you have friends. You minus well have copies of them.

One thing that’s good with Playstation Network is that it’s easy to sync your music vs XBOX. So, if you wish to listen to music. Just dump your music to the HD with media sharing. Simple as hell and better than XBOX.


GOFORBROKE sums everything up nicely. There was one gem that was missing while he mentioned his titles. If you haven’t heard of Valkyria Chronicles go and grab the demo off the PSN (if you like tactical RPG’s). It’s pretty inexpensive if you do end up deciding to purchase it. As far as the online services go, wherever my friends are trumps which service I think is best for me. Despite PS3 being the main choice for competitive play, I play on XBL because I know I can play a game with them online. As opposed to the one friend who I play on PSN with.


Motherfucker! There is a PS3 thread for all your stupid fuckin’ PS3 related questions. There is also [url=http://shoryuken.com/forum/index.php?forums/tech-talk.6/]Tech Talk for all your stick modding questions. Dont be a douche, look for the right thread to post in before making one of your own.


First: Arcana Heart 3.

Then: Make a Japanese PSN account, buy a Japanese PSN Money Card, and download some kick ass PS1 fighters that never came to America.



Also, no one seems to remember it, but I spent AGES playing ModNation Racers. I loved that game, more than even Mario Kart: Double Dash, and that’s saying something.

Other PS3 exclusives I loved that most will never mention: Time Crisis - Razing Storm, Sengoku Basara - Samurai Heroes, MAG, Atelier Rorona, Cross Edge. Obviously, I loved MGS4, Uncharted, Flower and the rest of the big names too, but I may as well give some love to the unloved.


There’s no reason to use foul languages. He/she has the rights to create their own thread if needed.


The uncharted games are great. LA Noire is on like 3 different discs for the 360. On the PS3, it’s on 1 disc so I would definitely get the ps3 version.

You might as well have said “First: Set up appointment with Chris Hanson”.


I think he’s angry because it wasn’t needed, seeing as there already is a thread for this kind of stuff.


Even if it wasn’t needed. His attitude isn’t needed in this community.


It really is stupid though. And if you don’t want to admit it then you fall in the same category as he (which then I’d be disappointed at you for). But what do we have to expect from 2011’ers, hey much less than from a 2010’er like yourself?

Instead, point him to the right thread instead of answering him here.


I’m not from 2001 like yourself. However, I’m not a 2010 myself. I had an account a long time ago. Back when SRK was using vB 3.x.x just like Capcom Unity before they decided to use their own forum software. I enjoyed the Black and Green skin they had back in the old days. Such memories.

But, I understand about the pointing direction, etc. But, cussing someone out isn’t needed.


It’s not thread worthy, creating threads like this will just clutter the site up that’s why we have mega threads as Dr. Wilhelm pointed out.


Honestly, I don’t even own the game, I just play it at a friend’s place. However, in America, it is a PS3 exclusive that gets plenty of tournament play.


Before you touch any other game - get Uncharted 2. Love Uncharted 2. Play Uncharted 2 again.

Seriously, the game is that friggin’ good. Then I’d say definitely play Heavy Rain (amazing), Infamous 1&2, Resistance 1&2, Super Stardust HD (PSN), and MGS4.

I have all 3 systems. The games I get for 360 and Wii are exclusives. Everything else PS3.


I agree with getting Arcana Heart 3.

most people generally say XBL is better for online and I’d have to agree. but it also depends on the game too. some of the newer fighting games seem to be pretty bad on both from what I hear. you’re also getting more/better comp on XBL very likely (not by too much though).

also I much prefer XB accessing all my music and playlists over my home network over having to move alllllll my music and stuff to the HD which would be a pain, take effort, and then I still have to create playlists using the PS3 (instead of the ones I already created on my PC). much easier for me with XB.


I had a 360, and then PS3. If you are playing on a router, make sure to open up ports for PSN.

As for exclusives, God of War games, Ninja Gaiden Sigma 1 & 2.


PS3 Exclusives:
Uncharted series, if you like FPS: Resistances series, God of War collection, Heavy Rain, Metal Gear Solid 4, Gran Turismo 5, Valkyrina Chronicles (RPG), Demon Souls even though Dark Souls coming out in October, The Last Guardian will be coming out but you can check out the Ico/Shadow of C. HD when its due out this coming September, Little Big Planet series, Infamous series.
Check out the PSN store demo’s.

As for the PSN aka the XLBA stuff:
Joe Danger, Shatter, Dead Nation, PixelJunk Shooter series, Arcana Hearts 3, Super Stardust HD, Flower, Wipeout HD, Hustle Kings,.
Check out the PSN stores demo’s.

Make sure you have any bluetooth mic to use.

I like both consoles =p