Just got a stick, need help with inputing legs (EX too)



So I got a stick yesterday and have been trying to piano Chun Li’s legs and EX legs but they don’t come out consistently. I’ve been trying to do cr LK into EX legs but another kick comes in before they come out or the EX legs is just blocked. What are some input combination that you guys use to do this consistently? Also, when is using HK legs good?


For EX legs you can just mash kick buttons really, or do a “dirty” slide. Just a matter of learning how to press c. lk’s correctly imo

For pianoing into regular lightning kick, we already have a thread for that.


cr.lk cr.mk cr.lk cr.mk cr.mk+cr.hk x2

thats probably the cleanest way to input it. You dont need to do it very fast either.


Sorry to bump, but do you think it’s a good habit to try to do clean inputs for EX legs?

I ususally hitconfirm with cr.lk cr.lp, and then if it hits I link into cr.lk xx EX legs

What do you guys use for your hitconfirm lights and why? Also I was wondering, why not link into cr.mk xx EX legs from lights for some extra damage? I don’t see that very often in videos.


The reason people don’t use cr.mk in their hit confirms is usually because of habit. Also her back dash os doesn’t make use of it.


i use more cr.lp, st.hk than cr.lp, cr.mk

i love that link <3


Woah I never even thought to do that as a link, Thats cool because it can frame trap too on block! I was looking for good frametraps to use too so that’s useful. It seems like if you wanna frame trap after doing 2 light moves it’s not as tight of a gap so some characters can jab out.


yeah I never really think to do that. It probably is a good idea. Do you find it difficult to confirm @Malvadisco‌


its easier than you might think cl.hk gives you lot of time to confirm

but you need to buffer those ex legs. having super is good too is a 1f link after cl.hk

doing cr.lp, st.hk xx HK legs is a good option to get use to buffer ex legs too!

if you have charge you can do cr.lp, st.hk xx kiko

against some crouching characters cl.hk hits meaty giving some extra adv

ie. cr.lp, st.hk, st.lp, st.hp is possible on crouching sak you can use sweep instead of st.hp too because the light can hit meaty too