Just got a stick, quick 'n' dirty overview of current games

Hello all,
Not had a stick long and have picked up a couple of games. Making a list of current stick-compatible games, mainly fighting, mostly Xbox. Thought it might be of interest to other noobs.

Half-arsed list thing

Not allot of detail yet, but I think I’ve got the most popular/important games and am filling in as I learn. Any errors/omissions so far?

Nice list. To make it quick, pretty much any 2D fighting game will work. Basically any game that doesn’t use both sticks on the pad will work with a fight stick. Good work again!

I don’t think this really needs a list. Pretty much EVERY fighting game works with a stick and not too many other things do.
The only exception I’ve seen is Resident Evil 4. It only requires 1 analog stick and doesnt use the L3 and R3 commands at all. So it works perfectly on stick.

Don’t use “anime” as a descriptor for games. It’s awful. If you want to have a “notes” section to describe gameflow, which is a good idea, focus on useful information like “airdashes”, “air blocking”, “character-specific movement options” (as seen in Marvel, BB, GG), etc. Also, “link-based combo system” and “chain-based combo system” would be useful tags.

If “anime” means a game has air movement options, you need to add it to BB:Extend, Vampire (Darkstalkers), Fist of the North Star, Guilty Gear, Injustice, MvC3, Melty Blood, P4:Arena, Skullgirls, SFIV, and Smash. If you’re using it as a label for games with an anime-inspired visual style, add it to literally everything except Injustice. Yes, Mortal Kombat is inspired by anime (and Super Sentai stuff).

Oh, and the tournament tag isn’t anywhere close to being on everything it needs to be on.

Thanks for the feedback,

Y, found a couple of 3d too

I’ve had a better look now and you’re right. Would be nice to get more out of my nice new VS but outside of fighting only a handful of shmups and a couple of brawlers. On the back of 360 games it lists stick compatible as a feature but you can’t search by that on the website or dashboard >:\

Good point.

Y, there are tournaments for loads but I want to only tag ones considered balanced, played for money, What should I call these? Which should be added?

Added some categories and had an update.

It’s not meant to list every feature. I got SF4 AE a little while ago and wanted something a bit different. I’ve not kept up with fighting games for a long time (SF3 release!) so finding what was similar and what was different was a ball-ache. KOF13 is only £8 now and Persona Arena is out soon (16 days -UK) but are they different enough to SF4 and Blazblue to be worth buying? Putting this together to sort terminology from real differences.

Not sure what your priorities are, but if you’re just getting serious about fighting games, I wouldn’t try to learn too many at once. But yes, KoF, P4A, SSF4AE, and BlazBlue are all very different games.

Just to grok how things have moved on.

I hear you, but all SF4 and no play…
I just did the BB tutorial on cancelling and it felt like a revelation, I understood before but now it ‘feels’ more natural, even in SF4.

I see (from your sig.) you Xtrain game-wise, you found it helps or hinders?

Meh, it definitely hinders, but it depends how long you’ve been playing the games for. Once you’re really comfortable with your character/team in one game, I think it’s okay to branch out. Personally I came from SF3 but I focus more on the Arcsys games now since they feel more natural to me, too.

BlazBlue has an equivalent to GG’s “Dead Angle” (What is up with GG and having completely nonsensicial names for stuff?) in the Counter Assault. It also has Instant Blocking.
Additionally, the “Distortion Drive” is BB’s super move, not it’s “focus attack” (which doesn’t exist?)

Thanks dude, this is exactly the king of confusion I was trying to work through. found this post with gg to bb translations too:


Hoping to get a couple of hours learning BB this weekend!

Non-fighting games made more fun with a stick:
Crash Bandicoot
Super Meat Boy
Fez (most indie games work well on stick)
RE4 theoretically can be played with a stick. Have yet to actually test.
Sega Soccer Slam
I’m debating on stick usage in Trials Evolution. It’s not better, not worse.

I need a new Sanwa stick. Mine’s getting loose.3 Oh, and Tetris.

I play SSX with a stick sometimes just to fuck around. Man, that shit is hard!

Cool, never thought of platformers, don’t really play them. Found I’m slightly faster on Quarrel with the stick.

Loviing Shmups with it; Deathsmiles and Sine Mora especially.

To-do: try Child of Eden, It was hella hard with kinect

Having just said I don’t play platformers I did try it with Catherine, ok at the start but as the levels get harder you need that damn camera movement. I’m sure there are more games sticks can make harder :slight_smile:

What kind of stick do you have, and how are you liking it? I’m looking for a decent entry-level PS3 stick myself, and have no idea what I should get.

After a look through the Arcade stick FAQ here at Shoryuken

I settled on the mad catz VS which I like allot, not got experience with others to compare it though.

Cool, thanks for the link!