Just got a stick, what now?!


Hey there, my MadCatz TE fight stick is finally here and I quickly went from 1600pp down to 600pp -_-;
Any tips on how to get better with this thing? What is the proper button layout that most people use?
Sometimes I try to pull off an EX with the RT buttion but I get something else and it drives me cray cray


LP MP HP Unassigned
LK MK HK Unassigned


Check out the sticky threads in the newbie dojo.


I like assigning the xtra buttons to focus attack and taunt so I can plink them to do the kara taunt when someone chucks a fireball from full screen. Not only does it look cool but it lets me focus absorb the fireball and retain my position


I recommend going into SF2 HD Remix or Third Strikes training mode and doing shoryukens/supers/specials for a couple hours a day.

I wouldnt play online for a while. Learning to use stick is gonna take a month or so


Yeah, itll take a month/month and a half if you were previously average at execution.

It definitely pays off in the end, but you need to fully dedicate yourself to stick. switching between stick and pad only hinders your progress. At a certain point you’re gonna feel like you’re ass using either of them, that’s when you’re half-way to eing comfortable on stick xD


You shouldn’t be going into any matches off the bat unless you have a friend who’s willing to play you while you get used to it. Stick to training mode until you are sound on your muscle memory using a stick. Don’t treat the stick like it’s some kind of fighting game steroid because it’s really not. It’s an alternate control scheme to play the game with and as such, it takes a lot of time to adjust, so don’t beat on yourself if you don’t see immediate results.

Why would you tell him to learn srk motion when he is playing AE. He should be learning the correct and modern version: :u::df::d::db::ub::b::db::f::df:


Oddly enough, I bet that actually works.

To the OP: The reason I suggest going into SF2 HD Remix or third strike is because those games require you be accurate, SF4 does not. If you rely in inaccurate inputs, youll never know if youll do something correctly no matter how many times youve done it before. Its not just nit picking, a lot of people do it this way, including me.


Step 1) Read the stickies in the newbie section, especially about execution.
Step 2) Assign your buttons properly. You can use either the left-side buttons on your stick or the right side buttons, but be sure to put LP, MP, HP in order on the top row, and LK, MK, HK on the bottom row directly beneath it, also in order.
Step 3) Practice a shit-ton to get comfortable with your arcade stick. Think of it like a musical instrument. You’ll get better with time.


stay in training mode, then go to arcade mode to work on what you just learnt until it becomes comfortable. it can take shorter than a month but be prepared to give it a month and dedicate yourself. Also the advice about practisin with another game sounds good. I used old dreamcast copies of 3s and CvS1 that my brother had lying around to learn how to use an Arcade stick.


raw execution practice. itll suck at first, but as you develop muscle memory, it not only gets fun as you see improvement!!!

SOOOOOO, every day: do each special motion 30x from each side, each bnb combo you know 30x from each side (at the least, your punish combo & hit confirm)! itll take 15 minutes but you’ll see your stick use skyrocket!!!

Also, as you start to learn combos on a stick with links, now that you have a stick you can use plinking!!! Look it up for the details, basically if you have a link where the 2nd button press is anything except lp, you learn that technique and you’ll get an extra frame in your window, essentially turning 2-3 framers into 3-4 framers, which ANYONE can hit, and giving your 1 frame links a 2 frame window, making an it actually possible to do them consistently.

reading your above post, don’t use macros for 2 button press moves, for ex stuff/throws/focus learn to actually press the button. I use the 3xp and 3xk buttons for my ultra but nothing else.

Lastly, STAY WITH YOUR STICK!!! you will LOVE it, it’s the finest piece of gaming equipment you will ever buy, and playing street fighter on a stick is a thing of beauty, and YOU WILL GET BETTER!!! even better than you were on a pad!!!


Woah, thanks for all the responses guys! Really appreciate the tips, I am definitely spending lots of time in training mode, trying to get that muscle memory down.

I decided after watching a ton of Ixion90 and Kubobuuuuuu videos on Yogaflame24 and XblackvegetaX’s channels on youtube that I want to make Dan my new main, LOL! After spending some time reading info on him, and practicing his moves vs cpu, I started doing some ranked matches with him. I have slowly built up to about 40% wins with him and damn it feels good to pull off his moves with the stick. Doing complex moves like his shoryuken EX cancel then dash is pretty difficult for me but I am sure it takes more practice. When I get the time, I will watch some of vesper’s videos.

I might look into purchasing 3rd strike in order to practice those accurate inputs. Sounds like a good investment, just like this stick!

Cheers =)


sit on it.




Fuck sticks, dude. Don’t be a follower, be a leader.
I use a Sega Saturn 6-button.
The last ‘stick’ I used was the NES Advantage. Those bricks with buttons should stay in the VG stone age where they belong.


The game is more fun with a stick and moves are easier to do Street fighter feels clunky on a pad.


Practice. A lot. Go get stomped online for the next two months and learn to be a real FG player :).


yeah i recently bought a stick like 3 weeks ago and still kinda having trouble with normal shit like ryu’s fadc ultra, i either get ex fireball or ex dp, its getting pretty annoying… and i main honda so i hardly get any practice with hcb stuff… i gotta get use to it =[ … also if i do a bnb ibuki combo where its standing mk into neck breaker, i keep getting down mk instead kuz i input the neck breaker to early… shits fucking hard bra.


I have only had mine for a couple of months and you are in for a hell of a ride however the pay off is well worth it. If I versed my pad self now It wouldn’t even be a contest.


Get third strike quick and best of luck maining Dan… Not the best choice but hey, he’s…uhh…playable? Gl hf.