Just got an HRAP 3...Looking to Mod

Hey guys, I’m fairly new to this whole modding sticks stuff. I looking to mod my HRAP 3. Any tips? I heard semitsu and swana’s are the best for buttons and joysticks. Any tips for a newcomer?

And another question. For the stick, If I wanted to just change the color of the Ball, can that be done without changing the whole stick?


dont feel like searching through all that for you, sorry.

It’s pretty simple man. There are a couple of screws at the bottom of the joystick, just remove them and take the steel bottom off.
Then you have to get a socket wrench to take off the nuts that are holding onto the screws inside.
after that you you should be able to take off the top and mod to your hearts content.

Sanwa buttons are OBSF-30 snap ins for the regular 8 buttons.
for the start and select they are the 24s

For the stick, if you just want to change the color… once you open it you can see the end of the shaft where a flat head screwdriver can fit. Just stick the screwdriver on that end and hold on to the top of the joystick. That’s what she said…

Anyway it’s really really easy. But good luck on getting the buttons…

Oh thanks gtn, That was a lot of help…I really appreciate it :clown:

7mm Socket Wrench Driver

Use my HRAP2 modding guide (in my sig) to learn how to swap the buttons. The process is the same for both sticks. Just keep in mind that your stick has a different mounting bracket, so you can’t put in a Seimitsu LS-32-01 without heavy modding.