Just got around to playing online for the first time

Finally felt like I was ready to go online. I played Vanilla a bit and didn’t do too bad, I think my record by the end was like 48-50 or something.

But now I get into Ultimate and just got done playing some games, I just went 2-21. I don’t even understand how. I feel like I’m a much better player than I was during Vanilla… But clearly I am not.

My team is Iron Fist/Hulk/Sentinel, I can do their BnB’s pretty consistently in training mode. Well Hulk I never really took the time to learn his, I just do s.H,S, j.M, j.M, j.H, S, hyper. But I can do Sent’s fly/unfly combo and I feel my execution really isn’t too bad.

Every game I get into, I feel great until it actually starts and I just feel completely hopeless with Iron Fist, if they zone me I feel like I’m screwed, if they apply pressure I feel like there is absolutely nothing I can do. I get hit all the time when I think I’m blocking low but apparently I’m not, I’m not sure how it happens haha.

Anyway for the point of the thread. I’m not really looking for any magical tips that will make me godlike, I’m trying to understand why I keep losing

You keep losing cause the people you are playing against are better than you. Simple as that.

If you can’t just accept the fact that you’re not always going to win then you might as well just not play.

Getting good at these games takes some degree of time and dedication. It’s not like you can just pick up the controller and start raping everyone you see like if its CoD.