Just got KOF 12 for 360 need answer about 3v3 co-op b4 opening

Wow I didnt think everyone was so hard up for $60. They act like they sucking dick at some public bathroom to fund their purchase.

You arent buying a fucking BMW or LandRover, its a $60 game. If your that hard up for cash, you picked the wrong hobby.

Finally got one of these going, and it is FAIL.

You pick 3 characters because you play three characters. It’s just a normal 6 person lobby, gameplay-wise.

It ends up working like this:
Player 1 picks 3 chars and fights Player 2
Player 1 beats player 2
Player 1 then plays a normal, 3v3 match against Player 3, who is the next person on Player 2’s team.

There’s no actual 3v3 team battle, and you most certainly cannot have local players jump in.

Wow, major fail. So it’s 3v3, except it’s three 3-man-teams vs three 3-man-teams? That’s crazy bootleg.

Oh well, at least this wasn’t the deciding factor for me, just an extra perk.

Hey man you gotta do what you gotta do to get by in this economy. That’s not to say I’ve ever taken part in this activity to pay for a video game before… SHUT UP!

$60 isnt that much thats my point. Some people are acting like they arent paying the rent just to buy this game. How can you buy the game and be scared to take the shrink wrap off? If you got this far, then you can afford the dam game. Come on now, dont get upset cause im telling it how it is.

Project: I think the point they are making is that it is still $60 you could have spent on something else or simply not spent and saved. I have plenty of other games to play or that I know I would like to play, and if KOF12 is disappointing, (and it is to me at this moment, but that is besides the point.) it would kinda be a bummer. You could have used that money to buy something you would actually enjoy playing. I understand folks trying to save buck, and I TOTALLY understand folks not wanting to pay $60 for a game they won’t really play much, which is how I am feeling at this point, at least till the online mode gets better or my scene actually starts playing KOF. (which is not happening.)

That being said, I am somewhat disappointed with KOF12. There I said it. I hope SNK and Ignition or whoever, can fix this bologna up soon.

A question, while we’re here…What’s the deal with the PS3’s clan thing? Is there anything to it beyond the fact you get to be affiliated with a group? Is the 3v3 for the PS3 version also bootleg?

pretty much if the 3 on 3 is bootleg. Clans have their own leaderboards tho and you can search for lobbies hosted by any clan members, plus clans have their own pages that the leader can write messages on, so its convenient to schedule/plan/send messages in general.

Its a unique concept

So the conclusion is that a player can only control a three-man team, not an individual member of a team as a three-player party?
That’s a bit lame, team-battles are PERFECT for a ‘co-op’ experience as well as a ‘versus’ one.
You’d think the PS3’s clan functionality would allow that clan to function as a team, rather than operating independently, just under the same banner.