Just got my Akuma Pad in the mail today and i need some help

I ordered this pad and i finally got it in hopes of playing much better since the Xbox360 dpad is garbarge, but after trying the pad out i don’t think i’ll be getting better anytime soon. The pad doesn’t seem to be registering my moves, i try to throw out an Hadouken and no success that is until i do it for the 4th damn time, then magically a fireball flies out. Now i’ve been playing SF since '91 i’m no noob so i know how to play the game, it’s just that this controller isn’t working with me. Also i need to know should i switch the dpad to left analog or right or should i just keep it on dpad? I read all these reviews about how responsive the pad is and how its better than the Sega Saturn pad and what not, but i simple don’t see that today. If any of you guys have any good advice please feel free to share them, thanx.

Maybe you just need to break it in first.
IF you really want something that is responsive you should get a joystick

You may just need to get used to it. I remember when transitioning from the controller to a joystick it took about 2 weeks before I really realized any advantages.

It’s hard to do anything on those, I’d be teleporting with Bison when trying to do my Ultra and doing Balrogs low dash instead of his straight, etc.

Sadly I’d recommend to use the fight pad for an arcade stick. My friend bought 2 of those fightpads and had me pad hack his ken one.

ah damn this is great, i feel like i wasted my money, so should i send it back to MadCatz? Will they fix them? I’d love to play a fighting game with a decent pad for once on the 360

If you’re talking about the SF 4 pads I have one for the PS3 and its worked great for me. It took me a few days to get used to the dpad and button placement, but after practicing I could play better on it compared to the PS3 stock controller.

If you think something is REALLY wrong (and it’s not 'cuz you’re not used to it) call Mad Catz. My pad stopped working and it turned out to be the wireless dongle. Mad Catz sent me another dongle free of charge. Now I use the pad mostly to play on my PC when I’m not at home (hard to take a stick with you everywhere).

Maybe i do have to break it in, because now i’m playing mvc2 and the moves seem to be coming out smoothly, eventhough sometimes it doesn’t come out, i’ll keep playing with this controller until it feels right, but if it doesn’t i’m going to have to call MadCatz and explain what the deal is. Also if anyone is from NYC are there any mod shops i can take this controller to?

Nah this controller is busted, i keep playing all my SF games and the moves don’t register, wtf?

HandsomeDante, look on the back of the controller, you will see a switch for LS DP and RS

You might be having issues because the switch is set on LS, which is meant for the left analog stick. Do a quick check and see if that is the problem…

If not, then it might be a defective product… or maybe small thumbs… the D pad is humongous.

Check in training mode and display the inputs. You’ll be able to see if it’s dropping inputs or something. The fightpad isn’t terrible when I use it, it’s not the most accurate thing, but it’s pretty darn good for a pad. Well, mainly if you’re rocking the middle of the d-pad with the middle of your thumb.

Yeah fellas i tried all of that and nothing works, i don’t get it though, it works great with doa4 and soul calibur ,but on SF it doesn’t register? Anyway i live in NYC and i found this mod shop out in Queens, i’m going to call them and find out if dude can fix my controller or even build me one.