and it is excellent…

but, what’s with Sakura in a house with internet… that supposed to be Ken’s house?.. what happened to walking barefoot through Asia…

well, the Rival Schools story got me kinda pumped… i LOVE that game and i look forward to this series…

I also liked how the stories were actual parts of the plot, and not just some four page exhibition… Shows how much udon’s putting into the books…

DARK Stalkers was also pretty sick with its cameo of Lilith… Dimitri was starting to make too close of a resemblence to Bison… hopefully that won’t be so… I was never too much of a DS fan, but i gotta say, this one looks good, and i hafta support capcom…

The street fighter story was great too… i’m a big birdie fan… that story took me back to Alpha one days when i was in 6th grade… damn…

anyways,. GET ISSUE 9 OUT!!!



Now you see a glimps of the future…

How far into the future can it be though… ?

I mean, i’m not questioning your abilities with continuity, but it doesn’t seem that they are THAT far into jp equiv of high school, and Sakura must not have been gone THAT long…

My qualm is that i don’t want to see the shotos go soft…


I hope you guys really linger on the time of preperation for the tournament… i know there’s pressure to tell the story and not get it too drawn out, but i’d love to see mini-events happen and then the tournaments being the big annual event…

ok, i’m gonna shut up now :slight_smile:

yeah i just got my copy today, i loved it a lot!!, i love chunli and its was cool to see her in action, and the art was just top notch!!!

i’m also not that big of a fan of DS, i used to be though, but i really liked the art and it got me hooked, and i’ll be happy to support u guys

RS!!! My fav, maybe even more so than SF, i was so hyped just reading it and see the tie with the SF storyline and RS, i cant wait for the first issue!!!

great summer issue

Just got my copy too. I was hoping the Chun/Birdie fight was gonna be longer but since the story added a little more depth to Chun’s character, I was satisfied. And I loved seeing her in so many different outfits. The one on the San Diego Con cover was the best.

Darkstalkers was just awesome. I’m a big fan so I can’t wait till it comes out. The art was just amazing. I wanted to see Belial though! I wonder if he’ll be dead already in the Darkstalkers comic? Anyway Morrigan owning Demitri was worth the purchase alone.

Rival Schools was okay. I’m not really a fan of the story or characters so I don’t think I’ll be picking it up, but I will continue to buy Street Fighter and Darkstalkers when it comes out.

I was hoping the Ryu/Sagat cover of the Summer Special would pop up on eBay, but so far, nothing. Ive got the Chunners and the Morrigan/Lilith covers already (and people think im not trying to support the comic :bluu: ), but the Ryu/Sagat cover i havent even seen anywhere…

By the way, this (see attach) is the Lilith/Morrigan cover i was talking about - the cover of the Wizard Version.

I saw that cover in a recent ad in EGM. It was a prize for a contest of some sort. Perhaps the contest is not yet over and that’s why there is nothing available yet.

I got that copy and the cover is just badass plus Chunny looks hot in it. I wanted to see Hayato and more of Shoma in RS but it was great nonetheless. Definetely one of my favorites.

The Capcom summer special rocked…nice battle between Chun Li and Birdie, Morrigan and Demitri and little match with Natsu and Hideo! ^^ I was surprised to catch a glmpse of Tiffany and Roy before Shoma ran in to tell Natsu and Hinata about his bro! ^^

By the time I got around to ordering, they were out of Chun-Li covers, but I got the Darkstalkers Cover, and that will be it for me ordering the Sumer Special different Covers.

I loved that Panel where Chun-Li is wearing clothing similar to Jill Valentine of Resident Evil! She is Behind a Poster that has the Summer Special Darkstalkers Cover as an Ad. I guess if Udon ever does a Capcom Fighting Evolution Comic, it will obviously be out of continuity, LOL! Gotta love the kid with the Spider-Man shirt too!

It was cool to see Chun-Li’s connection to her bracelets. In SF3 Third Strike, she remarks how she would never throw them away.

Darkstalkers was cool. In the official Storyline Morrigan had two parts removed from her when she was a baby. One was Lilith, the other part was never revealed. But since their probably won’t be anymore Darkstalker games, just keeping it simple with Lilith is probably for the best.

Rival Schools was really cool! I like the way you guys connect it to SF and give us a glimpse as to what’s gonna happen. I’m guessing when Ryu and Ken go off to the SF2 Tourney, Sakura will be dealing with RS stuff.

So anyway, great job on the Summer Special Studio Udon, I can’t wait until Rival Schools and Darkstalkers come out!

wait wait wait
what the hell?
what is this summer special everyone is talking about :xeye:

please gimme some info :sad:

3 short stories of Street Fighter, Darkstalkers, and Rival Schools all in one comic. 3 different covers, each one representing previously said games. Released at San Diego, Chicago, and Canadian comic cons. 4th cover being released too I think, no sure what the details are on that though. GO TO EBAY!

So…the fourth cover will be released to EVERYONE?
Is that wat you are saying?

hmm, or should i just go to the comic cons in toronto…

The 4th cover is going to be offered when you buy the SF2 game that comes out. Buy the game, get the comic. If you want, you can order ALL the covers from www.ruppsworld.com for pretty cheap and they ship internationally.

Thanks for the info! Screw what I said before, I’m getting the Chun-Li Cover!

To clear up some of the questions regarding the forth cover -

Street Fighter Cover - San Diego Comic Con Version
Darkstalkers Cover - Wizard World Chicago Version
Rival Schools Cover - Toronto Comic Expo

The forth cover, which features a “widescreen” type of image with Sagat VS Ryu, is ordered by Capcom for a sweepstake and incentive promotion with the Hyper SF 2 anniversary game for PS2. We printed 3500 copies for Capcom for that. Exactly where they will be given out and how, we have no clue. I think some of them are for prized on a EGM contest. And the bigger chunk of it is for a few different distributors for their customers who pre-order the SF 2 anniv. game.

For those who will be attending the Toronto Con this weekend, we will be raffling a few copies of this cover out as prizes, as well as some other goodies (SOTA SDCC Exclusive 2 pack figures, SF Alpha original Cels! etc.)

Come visit us if you have a chance!

:clap: :party: :tup:

hehe, I heard Erik talking about the figure but alpha cells and 4th cover too? Thats good, more inspiration to make me go buy some more. There was alot of people buying sf when I was there. I couldn’t get a sketch at the time, so heh I had to get all 3 covers. Probaly gonna get the sketches today. Haha, wish me good luck on winning the Evil Ryu v.s Bison figure …but I doubt it lol but one can only hope heh.