Just got my GT-Y


Just swapped my stock TE restrictor out for the octagonal restrictor and it surprisingly way notchier than I expected. I was hoping for something more like the Happ I have on my MAS stick. Oh well – I’m not a big complainer, I main Ryu and actually got used to the square gate and have been playing on it for a couple of weeks with no hiccup. In combination with the bat top and Home Depot spring mod, I’m pretty happy with the stick so far, and use it primarily instead of my MAS stick for SF4 so I’m more adapted to the arcades and tournament.


okay your point?


Bah, should’ve gotten a Seimitsu LS-56 w/octogate, or LS-32 w/round guide.


Question: If you’re only using a Japanese stick in order to get better for arcades and tounraments… why the hell would you put on an Octogate? Considering pretty much NO arcade cabs have that. I would understand if you were playing just for yourself and not planning to do tourneys. But if you went through the trouble of getting a TE so you could practice for competition, it just seems silly to go and get an octo.


you can use your own stick in tourneys



Unless he ever plans on playing in tournaments in Japan, he should just use what suits him best.


This. The Sanwa octo gate feels like crap. Square is better in Sanwa land.


He specified arcade though. And there are arcade tournaments in the United States as well.


this was the best thread ever



Ha damn you guys are ruthless; I was just posting my experience and opinion, not really sure the thread had any more point to it than that.

I played for a few hours tonight and I now agree with Kyle, the square gate felt more natural.

I realize the arcade has a completely unmodified Sanwa setup, but I am just looking for a compromise between my personal preference (basically the Happ setup on the MAS) and having the arcade feel completely foreign both in terms of components as well as button placement.


I myself tried the Happ joystick from AIAB ( not to diss them, they are cool) . I gotta tell you the happ joystick are awfully stiff and hard to maneuver your char easily comparing to sanwa. I hate to admit it, but happ can’t compete with sanwa joystick nor buttons.


ohh and btw, these guys are not ruthless , majority of them seem unfriendly and act arrogant when they meet a newbie. you get use to it, some of them are actually cool and helpful.

I been calling names just because I get confuse with the joystick terminology and don’t know much about it. nobodies are perfect and people made mistake. so ya its all cool, I don’t take it seriously.


Sorry, I was agreeing with the last commenter. The Seimitsu LS-56 w/octo gate is as close as you can get to Happ. If you have a little money to spend give it a try.


I recommend this as well. Both of my current Japanese sticks are now using LS-56 with octogate. Such a great feel.


yeah I bought a GT-Y, sold it the next day. Didn’t have quite the feel it was looking for


Once you go Octo LS-56 + bat top, you will never look back. After a day, you realize how lacking Sanwa stick is.

If you want a stock square gate, LS-32 is my recommendation although a Sanwa stick here is good as well. But anything other then square, Seimitsu is the way to go…or a Korean stick, if you can get your hands on one (Laugh here would be a good source)


what he said. All my customs or Brand new sticks have Octo-gates.