Just got my HRAP 3 and not sure if this is supposed to happen

When I move my stick in all directions except for DOWN LEFT everything is smooth and easy. .When i move it down left it hits a little resistence that requires a bit more pressure and then it almost like snaps to the final point of down-left.

So basically when i move it DOWN, or DOWN-RIGHT it moves easily to then end. But when I move it DOWN-LEFT it runs into a little resistence that requires a bit more push. I can here a quiet snap as it completes its movement at about the halfway point.

IF i open up the stick will it void the warranty?

maybe open it up and look if something is on the way, about the warranty it will be voided as everyother stuff you open, but i dont think you would like to spend 30-40 dlls on a shipping to japan to get it checked.

damn man i just posted something similar in the hrap thread. i purchased mine from amazon.com and for the first couple days i had no problem. today i woke up and noticed that i was having trouble moving LEFT. little by little it got worse and now i can barely pull off a fireball in that direction. my question was can i replace the whole joystick if after opening it up and not be able to resolve the issue.

I can tell you it’s “Not Suppose” to happen. Mine has been fine.

But I don’t see there being anything to indicate you’ve opened the case up, to void warranty. I’ve opened my HRAP EX up, and there was nothing to indicate it being opened, unlike the Madcatz sticks with a warranty seal. I’d open my HRAP 3, but waiting for a 7mm nut driver rather than using pliers.

The one thing I’m not 100% clear on, although I’ll find out soon as I open my HRAP3 up, is if the microswitches are soldered like the HRAP EX. If it is, then it’ll require some soldering expertise to swap out your microswitches, should that be the issue. But taking the stick apart just to replace the gate, shaft, mount, etc is pretty easy.

I don’t know if you want to open it up yourself to fix the problem or not. But if you are willing to open it up and fix it yourself, you can check the Sanwa Joystick assembly by removing the plastic gate and the microswitch PCB you should see a something similar to the photo below:

See at the center of the joystick there’s a metal washer (ring). It’s supposed to seat or stay in a circular groove in the center. Sometimes that metal washer (ring) is loose so it gets caught in 1 direction and so any movement in that direction will have more resistance than others.

If it is caught like I described above, you can use a pen or a flat screw driver and push that metal washer (ring) back into its groove in the center.

i just realized you were talking about the hrap 3, i have the hrap ex arthong mentioned something about soldering the microswitches. can i still check the washer without soldering?

Yep, sure can. Once you remove the clear plastic restrictor gate (Just nudge at the clips that hold them in place) you can remove the gate and microswitches without de-soldering them and see the same thing.

However, just make sure you put the microswitches back in the correct place. I don’t recall if they are properly marked Up,Down,Left,Right. Lol.

Actually thinking about it, you shouldn’t need to remove the restrictor gate nor microswitches to fasten the joystick’s bottom clip. You should be able to see it right when you open the controller up and examine the stick.

No you don’t need to de-solder anything. Just pop out the clear plastic gate by using your fingers and squeeze the black taps holding the gate to the assembly. Once the clear plastic gate is removed, the PCB/microswitches are already pre-soldered as a single assembly you can just remove the whole assembly to expose the joystick mounting like my previous post.

Here’s the photo of the joystick with the gate and the microswitch/PCB assembled:

aweome. thanks for the deatiled info. one last question for the pros. if i cant seem to correct this problem. can i replace it with a new joystick from lizardlick.com? if so, which ones are compatible and are they a pain in the ass to swap? i’d like a bat top with and octagonal gate if possible. any suggestions would be much appreciated.

well, you can get a new JLF joystick, octogate, and bat top…that should do the trick

HRAP already has a genuine Sanwa JLF stick in there. It is made of quality Japanese parts. I think the problem is probably just misalignment, but if it is damaged then yeah just buy the Sawan JLF from lizardlick and replace it (They only sell 1 kind of Sanwa JLF stick so you can’t order wrong, it is $24.95+shipping). To replace the JLF is very straight forward. All you need are some screwdrivers and socket wrenches.

do you mean misalignment as in the washer being out of place? or is there another thing i should look into before deciding to buy a replacement.

This just started happening with my HRAP 3. I could feel it getting worse over time. I was just wondering if the OP or anyone else having this problem was able to solve this by messing with the washer.