Just got my new Tekken 5 joystick today!


(Yeah, I’m an O.G. gamer I still call them joysticks.)

I got it for 79 bucks brand new! with the game, box, and all that unopened. Well aside from the game itself.

This thing feels pretty nice. Is there anything bad about it out of the box? Or do people upgrade them just for the fun of it?

Aside from my Sega 16bit arcade stick, I had the pleasure of owning one of these in my life.


Fighter’s Choice arcade stick for Playstation (lol) P.S. The only buttons that feel good on that are the Red Ones, and forget about autofire you need a screw driver to activate it it’s so hard to move.

That I got from Kaybee Toys for a few bucks when MVC1 was new.
I only realized what a turd this stick was when I brought a real stick and now I realize that the buttons weren’t stuck because I thought I spilled soda on it. They just plain out where hard. Should of came with a whack a mole bopper to get them to go down.

The Tekken 5 will be my first PS2 stick as I’ve been spoiled rotten by my modded TVC stick. I Plan to turn this into an Arcana Heart Stick but I was just curious if the stock components of the stick are sub par even though it’s a Whore-E?


Congrats on the Tekken 5.

The stock parts are ok overall. I reduced the throw distance on the stick, and was about to put in a stiffer spring, and I liked it a lot. I disliked the buttons. From what I remember, they are soft but the plunger has to go in further to engage the switch. I barely used the stick while it was stock.

Now that it is all Sanwa, I appreciate its design a lot more. Especially if you’ve been spoiled by your modded TvC, mod your Tekken 5.


It seems like you spent more time telling a story and [details=Spoiler]showing off[/details] then just asking the question, which you probably already answered considering you own the stick + a modded sanwa TvC.


It’s hard to really say. You really have to have owned and played on a Fighterschoice to understand how ANYTHING feels like heaven compared to it. I was just kind of curious about the longevity of the T5 sticks components since I’ll be cracking it open soon to change the art.

So far I really like the stick now that I’ve fully had a chance to play on it. The TVC stick is too small for me and its button layout really hurts my hands so I can’t use it but for so long.

The Tekken5 stick is huge! I wasn’t really expecting that. It feels more natural and I don’t feel like I’m running out of space on it. The one thing I do like about it are the buttons. Although I have the Sanwa’s I like the T5’s better. I’m a weightlifter and my hands are rough. If the buttons are too soft I can’t really register what I press and it throws me off. That was the main reason I got the sanwa stuff for the TvC stick because I was told it would be stiffer. The Madcatz are really really soft though.


I’m surprised you liked the buttons, but your reason makes sense. Do you like the stock Hori stick?

I haven’t gotten around to getting a set, but Seimitsu buttons might be good for your TvC. Stiffer spring than the Sanwa.