Just got my standard madcatz SE ssf4 stick need advice on upgrading the factory stick


just joined this site today looking for advice.

just got my standard madcatz SE ssf4 stick need advice on upgrading to better parts, i noticed that the factory stick is very loose/wobbly and i dont like the feel of that, im looking for a tighter stick and tighter feeling for the stick, which stick is the best to replace the factory one? the buttons are getting replaced with sanwa, just need a good tight stick, frm what i heard seimetsu would be a good choice? anyone have experince with seimetsu compared to sanwa? i use ryu and guile as my mains, so im looking for a slightly stiffer/tighter feeling than the factory one and slightly shorter stick than the factory one, what u guys think and recommend

help would be appreciated
cheers guys,


The two tightest sticks you’re going to be able to fit in there are going to be the JLF or the LS-56 (LS-32 are more popular… but I feel the 56 is the tightest japanese stick.)
JLF is the most common stick, and works just fine, but if you want something tighter try the 56.

JLF - Sanwa JLF-TP-8YT-SK Joystick
LS-56 - Seimitsu LS-56-01
If you go this route you will NEED this mounting plate Seimitsu MS Mounting Plate


thanks mate, how much tighter is the ls-56 compared to the factory stick? also is the stick shorter? does the seimetsu ls-56 make alot of clicking sound?



Any stick you get that isn’t optical is going to click. (Good luck finding an optical stick though).
the 56 is going to be MUCH tighter, and the throw distance is going to be shorter too.


sweet thanks, also does the factory se ssf4 stick some with a square restrictor plate? sorry for dumb question im very new to this


yes all madcatz sticks come with square gates


If you get LS-56, you will have to buy Seimitsu MS mounting plate with it. It does not mount properly with the included VF mounting plate.

Also, if you want to read up on all the joysticks engage distances: http://slagcoin.com/joystick/attributes_brands.html#JOYSTICK_MODELS

However, only Sanwa and Seimitsu models will fit without modding the mounting brackets.

And Sanwa JLW, JLF-TM (But JLF-TP will), and any Seimitsu stick not ending in -01 will not connect properly to the 5-pin connector. So, shop accordingly.


also does the seimetsu ls-56 have very good response?


Yes. All (good joysticks) are responsive, meaning, they won’t drop inputs. If what you’re asking for is sensitivity, you’re looking for a shorter throw, meaning, it engages sooner than other sticks. LS-56 has an average throw. If you wanted both a very short throw and a tight feel, then I’d suggest getting an LS-32-01 (Which comes with SS mounting plate, which is what’s needed to mount), and either adding in an extra spring to the spring included (Most notably, an LS-33 Spring), or replacing it with the heavy LS-56 spring.


thank u guys for the input, but again got a dumb noob question, is the spring in the ls-56 already tight enough? or do u guys think it should be tighter, if so what spring do u guys recommend, tight feeling is what i needremember ryu and guile are mains(im buying for lizardlick btw)



LS-56 is one of the tightest joysticks out there.


are there any tutorials on how to change the stick to an ls-56?


I found this one handy. How To Mod The Madcatz Fight Stick with Seimitsu Parts. Pineconeattack! It uses LS-32-01, but the process is really no different. It has a video at the end.

Just remember to flip your wiring harness when you swap it in! Seimitsu pins are in reverse order of sanwa’s, and it is wired for a sanwa stick, so you need to turn it around.