Just got my TE fightstick, but it was opened?


I just received my TE fightstick, but the 2 box seal tape seems to be opened. How do I know if my TE fightstick have not be tampered with? How do I know if my TE have been swapped with SE parts?? Something is fishy… :frowning:


Mine was like that too. Infact, i’ve heard of many having fishy tape. Though then again, mine came totally destroyed and scraped to death.


what you can do if you want is to take an allen wrench that fits the screws on the 6 black screws on the face and find out if you got sanwa parts or not… easy to do.


well, mine didnt have any scratches… maybe i am just worrying for nothing? would people go through that much trouble to switch parts? i would definitely return it if i found out my parts were swapped out…


if they were swapped out you can always tell, it says sanwa on the buttons and stick… just open it from the top like some here said.


did u buy it on ebay? or?? do u have a recepit?


Same thing with mine when I picked it up. I purchased mine from a gamestop store and when i went to open it, I noticed the seal tape was taking off. I figured since its gamestop, they always open up products but when I looked at the arcade stick, it seemed very fresh. Everythings seems to be working perfectly fine. I opened it up and there was the glue that I guess Madcatz put on it so I dont think anything was swaped out.


Ok, cool. I just verified that mine is sanwa… Scared me for a moment… :smiley: I got it from Houston’s fry’s just earlier. They have 1 more… if anyone need one… i can pick it up…


is it a 360 TE?? I need one!!


it could be opened bcoz some kid must of bought it, and then changes his mind so went to take it back to da store for a refund… and the store just restock… happens alot at ebgames (gamestop).


my shipment was weird (2 PS3 TE sticks)… 1 had the tape still attached on both sides and the other TE, the left tape was open but the right was fine… weird