Just got out of the hospistal after 4 days


I just got out of the hospital finally after 4 days!

Had a collapsed left lung that was leaking air into my chest cavity and inflating me like a balloon. I was at work talking to someone when it started to hurt, and I sat down to rest thinking I’d feel better. An hour went by and it hurt worse and worse to the point I had to call an ambulance and fainted while still on the phone.

I woke up in the ER with people asking me all these questions of what happened, etc. Finally I told them my heart was killing me, and they got a chest X-Ray. Turns out it was my lung from the X-ray and they did a quick operation on me while awake to drain out all the leaked air. I asked for a towel to cover my entire head so I couldnt see what was going on. Hurt like hell and made my left arm feel weak.

Well finally after 4 days of being high on morphine and other pain meds, I’m fine. After they took the tubes out of me, I felt 0 pain, so no need to fill that prescription for pills hurray!

This was probably one of the scariest moments in my life, I thought I’d die honestly, but I’m glad to be back in action.


Callapsed lung, did you fight Chuck Norris??

Glad to hear you are okay. :tup:


Did they give any possible explanations for the collapsed lung?


Should’ve stuck with it. It’s no easy task to become Karnov. BALLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOON!


Did you get beat up or raped?


No, I was just sitting down at my desk while this happened. According to the doctors, nurses, and google, it’s EXTREMLY common in guys 20-30 years of age if skinny.




Nice to hear you’re alright btw.


what does being skinny have to do with a hole in your lung? did one of your ribs fracture and slit your lung or something?


Less fat to cushion the BAAALLLLLOOOOONNN.


I’m 29, so only 2 more years of living in fear…

Glad you’re ok :slight_smile:


I still think you caught some hellacious SBD that was so bad that your mind blacked out the odor, but you still took physical damage from it.


was it called spontaneous pneumothorax or something? i had one of those about 7 years ago in my teens, but the lung never collapsed. i just had the bubble thing in the lining of the lung tissue and the accompanying pain/shortness of breath, but it went away on its own. i got the whole “it’s common in skinny young guys who are growing” (height-wise, i guess) from the doctors. personally i figure it has more to do with ribcage structure and asthmatic history and so on than actual thinness. when associating it with lack of soft tissue weight, it doesn’t make sense to me. either that or we all need to start being a lot clearer about what skinny means.

hope youre ok. if it makes any difference, i haven’t had it again so i guess it’s normal for there to be no recurrence.


Did you get a handjob from the nurse?


Glad to hear you ok.:tup:

Seems so random that something like this could happen to a healthy guy out of nowhere.


I had something similar happen to me a few years ago. I had crazy chest pain for a couple days making it difficult to sleep or even lie down. My doc couldn’t find anything wrong and thought if it got worse I could have a collapsed lung. Well it got a lot worse, and I ended up going to the hospital when the chest pain was so bad I could barely breathe. I assumed my lung had collapsed, but when I got there they ruled it out and thought I might have been in the early stages of a heart attack.

Turns out you get rushed through the ER pretty fast when they think you’re dying. In the end, it was costochondritis, a hella random condition that has similar symptoms to a heart attack. I got injected with painkillers, given a prescription for Aleve (can’t buy it over the counter in Canada), and sent on my way.

I was dependent on painkillers for like a month after, even to the point where I went to the states to smuggle drugs back to Canada.

Second most painful experience of my life, next to my biliary colic. But that’s a tale for another day.

Glad you’re doing better dude.


Better wait awhile before you log on to mvc3, worst feeling ever to come back from the hospital and lose 20 straight.



Fill that pill bottle up anyway.

Might need it.


Could’ve given you vicodin for the “pain.” Easy money.

(I kid)


Nah, TC can just spam j.S to launcher with Sent and beat the online randoms. You can do that while high on painkillers.