Just got SF4 for pc and have questions

How come when i setup a match to play against someone my skill but always puts me up against someone whos been playing 24hours a day 365.

I set it for someone who has good connection to play but always gives me reds :frowning:

And lots of times when i am about to win (which isnt often) it starts to lag and they get in moves out of nowhere?

The matchmaking sucks. It’s very basic and just tries to match you with whoever.

Don’t play any matches with less than 3 to 4 bars. You live in Edmonton, which is kind of far away from everyone else. Lag happens and you should find the best connections available to minimize it. Send friend request to people in your geographical vicinity, or people you play who don’t lag too much. If someone’s on an improperly configured wireless connection or torrenting pr0n, you’re going to get unusual lag spikes in your match.

You’re going to rage even harder if you keep playing Ranked Mode. Avoid it if you can. Player matches are where it’s at on the PC version, as you can find someone with a good connection, get in multiple rounds until you’re pooped, then move on. Also, people are more likely to accept friend request when arbitrary point values aren’t on the line.

I think it’s because not many people play on the PC. I would agree with the player matches suggestion and say aim for a 4 bar connection, but 3 bars isn’t always so bad. I’ve never been able to play a 5 bar connection for very long. I always get booted for skill level differences, so don’t get your hopes up if you see one (actually, about half the time either the other player doesn’t select ‘ready’ or boots me before we even play. I don’t get it.). I’ve also found that creating a lobby somehow gets you better connections. Might just be a coincidence, though.

What’s worse than bad connections is when people play on slow computers and the game crawls. I don’t understand how people can enjoy playing the game at half speed. You can’t even tell if someone has a slow computer until you play them.

SF4 on the PC is my first fighting game, and at first I was having trouble beating anyone. If you’re in the same situation, I’d suggest trying G3 championship mode out. The connections won’t be any better, but at least you’ll be scraping the bottom of the barrel for players. Every once in a while you’ll run into someone who doesn’t belong there, but the majority of the matches should be of pretty low quality (lol). It’ll change once you hit G2, so you’ll have to work a little bit more for those wins if you continue in CM. But just getting some wins in G3 is nice for the self-esteem when you’re starting out.

most people on the pc are bad and spam stupid shit that you will learn to deal with really fast. don’t worry about it

no one plays champ on pc

I didn’t suggest playing championship mode to find oodles of players. I actually suggested player matches for simply finding games. I suggested CM if he’s new and is having trouble getting wins. There are people playing it, but you might have to play arcade mode to pass the time when finding a game after you win a few in a row.

Welcome to the wonderful world of online SF4!

U like wide generalization? :smiley:
In my area (Europe) champ mode on pc is pretty densely populated and there also is a good competition. There are rarely some that really “spam stupid shit”. And if, how do you know if the topicstarter will learn to deal whit that “really fast”, too?
So please don’t generalize that much, it’s just your unique opinion.

sorry i was talking about THE REAL WORLD not europeland