Just got SSFIV...

Hey guys I just got Super Street Fighter 4 today and am a little… apprehensive about the hugeness of the moves and such… Marvel vs Capcom 3 moves seem a little easier now lol… Just wondering if anyone could point me in the right direction for good newbie threads/videos or if anyone has any good advice…

First of all, this game is “Practice, Practice, Practice”. Training mode is your best friend.

Try to pick up Ryu at first. I did not and now I want to shoot myself in the foot. Here is a video.

Other than that: TBirdSF4 created a video series to get you started:

Those are the main beginner vids, You might want to watch those before the Ryu video posted above. Training mode is something that I spend more time in than matches, unless you have local tournaments where you live or gatherings for casuals.

Meh, I’d say regular Akuma is the best for a beginner.

I have those too. Hope this helps

Ryu or Akuma is good to learn the basics with. I learned with Ryu

Thanx for all the help… Ill get started on those vids lol

These videos really helped me. I still suck though. The buffering one really sped up my game while the training one was great for actually utilizing the stuff I’d learned and honing it. I watched it and took notes in notepad. That really helped referencing for the combo stuff with linking, what you can combo into, normal to special and not backwards etc.

On a different note, I was looking for the alternative costumes 1 pack on Xbox marketplace for Ryu, it doesn’t seem to be there. Anyone know where it disappeared to or how to get it? Thanks!

You go to SF4 not SSF4. They are the ones for Vanilla.

Hey thanks I got them. Much appreciated :slight_smile:

I’d suggest checking out the following…

SRK - Super Street Fighter IV Wiki

It’s a fantastic site that offers detailed explanations of the game’s core mechanics in addition to comprehensive guides for the entire roster. I may sound biased plugging an SRK-related website on these forums, but when I took my first steps into the complex world of Street Fighter, it proved to be a very valuable tool.

that’s quite the list of videos.

Is Cody not a good beginner’s character? I feel like he’s pretty simple to understand (rushdown), his normals are fantastic and execution is pretty easy.

Vesper Arcade tutorials are one of the best to get you started on SF games (and other fighting games since it goes through fundamentals). It really helped me a lot when I started. I would recomend for you to see these tutorials and as you watch them, try doing the trials for your character. Just to make sure you really did get what you learned from the vids.

As for actual PVP, when you get to a certain level I would highly recomend checking the character match up thread and such on shoryuken’s forum, people really give some good pointers on some matchups.

I hope it helped.