Just got stuck modding my Madcatz SE for the first time!(detailed with pics)


I guess this is what I get for trying to follow a Sanwa stick mod tutorial with a Seimitsu Stick.
OK so i ordered a Seimitsu. Got it yesterday and decided to mod my Madcatz SE today.
These are the Parts I ordered:
LS-56 Seimitsu with quad gates
8 Sanwa pushbuttons

(Please refer to images)
Hopefully that was what I got cuz there’s no way I can confirm (or I don’t know how to) SO I start modding, all was going fine, following a youtube tutorial until it’s time to put in the new joystick and I find out [Part 1] doesn’t fit in [Part 2] for screwing in. I turn it horizontally, vertically, horizontally, vertically still doesn’t fit in.

I then decide to go to my old stick and unscrew [part 3] to see whether I can switch with [Part 1]'s and make it fit in. That wasn’t possible.
Now I dont know what to do cuz the LS-56 stick is supposed to fit into an SE. help…?








Seimitsu sticks are NOT drop in replacement for Madcatz SE sticks. I suggest either returns your seimitsu and orders Sanwa, or makes different spacing plate. I would not recommend doing any drilling as Madcatz case are not design for that.


You need to get an MS mounting plate for your LS-56, the stock VF mounting plate, as you can see, doesn’t work very well. Also, one thing the video won’t tell you is that you have to turn your wiring harness and place it in upside down for a seimitsu stick with respect to the stock SE stick.


You have to replace the default VF Mounting Plate with MS Mounting Plate.

How come you didn’t make a Post before ordering?
I would have answered you.
And you would know.

Not everyone can be cool you know.




ah crap!! I actually did make a post before ordering and bought what was recommended

anything else i can do?


Yes, but you didn’t make a Post, you just made Thread.
I was there to help you man, and Nerrage.
You never replied back.

Either now modify the Mad Catz Mounting Plate to work with Seimitsu LS-56-01.
Or buy the correct Mounting Plate.


yeah I didn’t go back to the thread tilll a long time after so I didnt reply anymore (still no excuse)
So how do I perform this mod for the Madcatz Plate?
Is it complex?
i’m a total noob :frowning:


You drill new holes is all.
How? I don’t know.


okey dokey.


Just bite the bullet and order a MS plate.

If you try to mod the Madcatz plate you need:

A drill

At the very least Tungsten Carbide drill bits. The the plate is steel. Regular high speed steel bits may be the same hardness as the plate so drilling steel with steel will be slow and unsafe, especially if something catches and or snaps.

A countersink bit to countersink the holes you just made.

If you do not have those it may just be better to order a MS Plate. My 12 set of Tungsten Carbide bits where in the $30 range.

Just thought about it, go to a hardware store and buy a small piece of lexan (polycarbonate). I say get lexan because it is more durable and less likely to crack than acrylic. Drill it to look like the Madcatz plate except that the mounting holes fit for the LS-56. I still think this will cost more than ordering a MS plate for about $12, if you don’t have all the tools needed.


i dont think lexan will crack.

i’ve hammered down a piece of scrap lexan and that thing wont even budge


How about if I just get something to tightly glue the two mounting plates together?
you think that would work?


Yes what a helpful response from your friendly neighborhood dumb troll.


This. A thousand times this. No mounting plate Sanwa or Seimitsu costs more than $6 and in the end will result in far less work for OP.


Don’t worry…

JDM doesn’t bite.

Unless he hasn’t had his coffee in the morning!


ibro911, just buy MS Mounting Plate.

It was only twice that I got mad at Member when helping.
The person was so unappreciative, I deleted my Posts.
Both situations.


The problem is where i’m located. Ordering just one piece of metal would take 2-3 weeks. My joystick is still naked begging for a solution.
If I order the mounting plates i’ll have to wait another 2, 3, 4 weeks without a stick(MvC3 and SFxTekken will probably be out by then). I’ll gladly go for any other solution I can find…


If you can drill, then do it like rtdzign said.
I can’t drill, so I don’t know what to do.

Those games won’t come out for long time.

Your gluing idea.
Try it; your Joystick will be slightly shorter.


The 2 solutions are to drill new holes or to buy a new plate. That’s all you can do.