Just got the game today

So, I just got the game today and it’s great. I like it a lot. I’ve only had it for about 2 1/2 hours and I play through story mode with Half the characters and did all of the tutorial lessons. I really like that they explain every special move properties to you in detail and the differences of each version. I hope more FGs do that in the future. I haven’t played online yet because I don’t know any combos. Are there any threads on here that teach B&Bs for characters? Thanks in advance

Congrats, and yes, there are character specific forums at the top of this page that, when you click on them, you are taken to that characters page and on that page you will see many topics pertaining to that character. One of them will be combs and resets, start there. Read first before asking questions because most questions of a beginner level have already been answered somewhere before. If however you cant find the answer you are looking for, then feel free to ask the appropriate question in that characters thread or in gameplay discussion which is stickied in the main forum. :slight_smile:

Check the character sub-forums, they have combo threads for B&Bs.

Be sure to add your information to the Skullgirls Player List! From there you’ll be able to find people to play around your skill level, and there’s TONS of people there, so there’s limitless options.

This thread really could have been avoided if you had taken a few moments to see the huge section and its sub sections for the each individual character. Check those out and soak up all the info on the characters you decide to stick with.

Otherwise, congrats! Glad to see another player joining the Canopy Kingdom.

You’re right. I had one of those blind-not looking at the whole screen-moments. But I found them so no harm done.:tup: Thanks

I did:) . Any idea of when most players are active? I’m on EST US time and haven’t been able to find any matches at all and it’s 5:30 pm

dont forget you can also post that your up for games in the psn matchmaking thread

it got pushed down quite a bit during the donation drive.

you could also ask here http://client01.chat.mibbit.com/?channel=#skullgirls&server=irc.mizuumi.net if anyone is up for some games

(edit: i dont really know when the majority play, might have trouble today because of the game)