JUST got the game

Hey all!

Just got Injustice 2 days ago and yes I know, I am WAAAAAY behind. I am hoping I can find some people to play with and show me the ropes. Be my master!

My PSN is Freakology-

Thanks for reading and look forward to learning and playing with you all!

Add me my psn is iamthelegend4119 all capitals

sure if you need any help with scorpion, nightwing, green lantern, or batman hit me up.
psn is bellow

I played the game slightly at release and I’m just coming back to it, so I’m just as new as you are for the most part. Hope you don’t mind a training buddy!

Sure guys. Add me - Freakology-

There are people just now coming into MvC3. You’re fine.

Yo! :slight_smile:

I too just recently picked this game up. I’m new to both fighting games and this forum! Been maining Batties, getting my ass handed to me online. Good times!

My PSN is WaterlessMouse.
I don’t have a headset for voice chat, but feel free to add me if you want a newbie to beat up! :wink:

Will do Mifa! Look forward to games.

How is the difficulty level? Are all the combos preset?

Yeah, I have played MvC3 a few times, but keep telling myself I need to start playing this more and learning its nuances. My area has a ton of Marvel players so I am told. But Injustice is so addictive… Can’t wait for the patch tomorrow to see how much they’ve nerfed BA and Scorpion, as well as Joker’s trait buffs (So STOKED for this, about time).

OP, I’m not sure about what your level of experience is with fighting games, but there are many players just coming into Injustice. Just pick 2 characters maximum to main/alt. Also, be aware that there are younger gamers playing online and may only do two moves, and comics fans that aren’t familiar with FGs.

Thanks Specter! I am finding it hard to get used to an arcade stick once again. I am using a real arcade by hori, but the buttons don’t feel as I expected them too. Probably going to work towards getting a TE mad catz stick. I feel like I am one of those kids online that just spams the 2 moves lol.