Just got the TPB

I gave it to a friend and he seemed pretty interested. It was bigger than I thought and what was really surprising was that the pages were glossy stock! I thought it’d be regular paper quality because of the low price, but it wasn’t. Also a few of the cover variants were reprinted in the back. Everything was just awesome. Thanks UDON!


Check the replies.

Time_Stop: What about them? Seems pretty positive overall, but there isn’t any overwhelming message or anything that i can see.

exactly how big is it? can you give me the dimensions?

udon: where exactly can i get this item (SF TPB) in the GTA (toronto) area?

Blah, my comic place didn’t get it yet. :confused:

Oh well. I’ll buy it eventually, even if I have the comics already. :stuck_out_tongue:

Is there any reason why the backstories aren’t printed in the TPB?

I know all coic stores like Heroes World and Silver Snail should get them in.

Amazon.com has them available for order. But for whatever reason, it says it takes 3-5 weeks for it to ship. The ISBN is 1932796088. Just put that in the search field and it’ll take you directly to the item page.

Does Street Fighter #0 come with a back-up story? If so, then will the back-up story be featured in the SF TPB?

I’m just wondering because I still haven’t purchased Street Fighter #0 and I’m debating on whether I should just purchase the SF TPB or Street Fighter #0.

SF#0 didn’t have a back-up story, in a way in itself it was a back-up story it was just introducing the plot really, also apparently there will be no back-up stories in the TPB.

Thanks for the clarification, nortlee. :slight_smile:

Basically UDON did not think it would be fair to the people who purchased the comics because it would devalue their collections of the individual issues.

Around 8 1/4 x 5 3/4

ok thanks, gonna get a copy

I just got mine. It was the last one at the comic book store near me. I asked them to order some more cuz i plan on getting some as gifts, and he said it’d take about a week and a half. That’s ok though, no worries.

I absolutely love this thing. Digest size is the best thing ever. It’s just dope that it’s all small and compact and includes everything that Udon themselves did. It’s not hard to read at all, which is what i was a little worried about. And it’s only 10 bucks man. How can you go wrong with that?

LOL what luck I have.
I was just about to go out this weekend to hunt for all 6 issues, but now it has all been conveniently placed in one volume. I also get to read issue #0 now!

btw I am new to these forums so sup everyone.

THis shit is tight. I have purchased all the issues, but never read any of them, so reading this thing was great. I love the whole thing and the small size surprised me but it turned out great, keep up the great work :cool:

Congrats to Udon!

I must say, the TPB is really impressive, good work Udon! I’m glad the back-up stories aren’t in it since I own issues 0-6 already, and it adds value to those issues. It makes my collection seem better to me (I’m selfish I know). With regards to the TPB, I’m very pleased to have a readable (pick-up and read straight through) copy of the first story arc.

I really am lucky, I got out of class and rushed over to the local comic shop and got the very last copy they had! I had to order one for my brother! Apparently they sold out after only a matter of hours.

I just want to offer congrats to all the staff at Udon for bringing Street Fighter fans a quality product that we can enjoy. Great job guys!

I bought it this morning, I like it, I did not have 0,1,or 4 so I enjoyed it.

I just bought the TPB and was wonderin how long will this series last? Will it go into “new generation” (SFIII) ?