Just got this. Get DLC chars now or wait?


So I just picked this up on the cheap looking for a fighter I could partner with friends on. Was long resistant due to negativity but people have been saying 2013 ver. fixed a lot… so why not?

Anyway, I see that the DLC characters went on sale a few months back. I have a $20 PSN card from xmas. Should I grab them now or wait for another sale? I just wonder since who knows when the next sale is.

Btw, game looks really ugly, haha. Those backgrounds are so low-poly/low res!


No idea when or if they’ll go on sale so… it comes down to how much you want/need to use any of those 12 characters.


You’re better off getting the characters right now. They’ve already gone on sale and don’t think they’ll go on sale in the near future.