Just got Virtua Fighter 5 Xbox 360 Arcade Stick

I just picked one of these up today at Gamestop.

Does anyone know what hte modding potential of one of these is. I’d like to fit it with all Sanwa hardware.


They should be very similar/the same thing as the DOA4 sticks. Layout seems the same. Here’s a DOA4 stick that I bought that was premodded.

Here’s a tutorial written to mod the DOA4 stick.


Good luck!

Open that SOB up and take pictures of the inside and we’ll tell ya. :slight_smile:





The stick has quick disconnects, while the buttons are soldered.

If you want to see more images let me know.

That’s perfect. It looks 100% identical to the DOA4, so follow any instructions or guides for it and you’re golden. Look in the ‘Essential threads’ sticky for ‘DOA4’ and you’ll see chipper’s

are you sure those are quick disconnects on the joystick and not just some heatshrink tubing over soldered wire?

sorry but i remember some hfs3 i’ve opened up being like that.

but yeah, it looks pretty much like the doa so you should be able to do any mods that have been done to doa sticks already.

So this is basically DOA4 stick without the DOA4 artwork. I guess that works.

Hmm, my GS didn’t have any in when I checked on the 8th. Website said it was pushed back till 9/4 too, where’d you pick yours up?

yea i would liek to know also. There are a bunch on ebay right now. would liek to know why some gamestops have em and some dont. my friend who works at gamestop havent gotten any shipment at all yet.

Nice to know it’s similar to the doa4 stick, repped everyone in this thread…

eh, why didnt they just release these sooner. Its the same stick as the doa stick. And it make the people who paid alot online for the doa stick, kinda pissed.

I’ve been asking this about a number of different sticks, but I haven’t be able to get a response.

If I were to mount a Sanwa in that casing, would the stick be at arcade perfect height? IE, does it mount 9mm below the top surface?

it doesn’t.

Thank you for the info!

I’m very sorry to derail, but I posed the same question about the Sanwa mounting in the HRAP3 and/or a modded FS3 and did not get a response. Would you happen to know if either stick conforms to the proper mounting height for a Sanwa?

any hrap or t5 american style case will give you the correct mounting height. the smaller hori’s you will have to swap to the hori shaft to get the right shaft height. also if you swap the shaft you will have to cut down the actuator of the sanwa to get the right fit since the hori is much shorter. i don’t think its a good idea to use the original hori actuator because the point where it hits the switches is fatter than the sanwa.

what i haven’t tried is a seimitsu though since those have a shorter shaft and are mounted flush but you have to be careful of the shaft bottoming out against the bottom.

good luck with your project.

Thank you again for the info. Looks like the HRAP3 (or buying a custom case from a builder here) is the way to go.

Im about to go buy the VF5 stick or the EX2 stick for the 360. Is it possible to have a sony ps2 PCB put in it? Also, is the stick itself well built and good to play with?

FYI, I’m not a modder or any of that stuff.

Any stick makers out there wanna make me a modded 360 stick? Hit me via PM.