Just had a Seizure

So, was reading through some stuff on SRK, and automatically started convulsing. Was extremely scary, and luckily someone was nearby to help get me situated. Never had that happen before, anyone here ever have experience with that?

Most of it is a blur now, all I can remember is a picture that looked like ಠ_ಠ

Were you reading WTFAKUMAHAX’s posts?

All joking aside got medical attention ASAP.

Go get your shit checked out. I don’t want a world with only two BEWDs left.

There’s more then one?

^:rofl: google BEWD and you’ll catch the reference

but yeah I was in the Naruto thread talking about friendship-no-jutsu and all of a sudden things went dark, next thing I know I’m on the floor looking up

Did, I thought he meant users though.

Sue Raz0r for all he’s got.

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It is said that everyone has had some level of seizure in their life span, but if its one where you remember like that then get it checked out asap. Last thing u want is a seizure at the wrong time!

Yeah, that avatar is blatantly offensive to people with issue’s to that shit. The fact that no mod has stepped in after this long is pretty amazing.

Even for people without seizure issues that AV is fucking annoying. If only ignoring worked on SRK Black, I’d block that mother fucker with the quickness.

You the same RidianFable as the one on Youtube? If so your music kicks ass.

On Tapatalk (in Russia…) GIFs don’t animate. Raz’ av is always yellow. Azure’s never shrugs. Grandpa Simpson never walks through the door. RockB never makes sense.

Be well, BEWD.

[SIZE=6]We comin’ for you, nigga![/SIZE]

You just had something potentially life-threatening happen to you.

What the*** hell*** are you doing still posting on freakin SRK for? Call a Doctor ASAP



Hell, I know lawyers who would tell you to sue SRK.

Give him a call!

As somebody who’s been treated for a seizure disorder, I can tell you that you need to get checked out now. Have somebody drive you to the hospital (don’t drive at all until a neurologist says its OK). You need a battery of tests and a meeting with a neurologist to determine why you had a seizure and determine what treatment is necessary.

Seizures could be a one time thing (such as having really low blood sugar), symptoms of a much bigger problem (heart or brain problems), or just something that happens.

That nigga’s av is so obnoxious. I would sock him for real if I ever met him in real life.

not trying to dereail, but that sounds extremly expensive

Its odd that you (BEWD) had a seizure, since, I know you have seen his AV multiple times since you frequent the Naruto thread. You should check it out though.

offensive isn’t the word, its hazardous/dangerous.

wheres lothar to offer his legal consul?