Just had a Seizure

BEWD, you’re not Yujiro. Get checked out.

Oh man, that sucks. I’m not in a PC so tell valaris to axe the avatar.

He’s willing to put his own medical ailments aside to tell us that Raz0r is a fuckin’ asshole and his avatar could possibly kill somebody. I think it’s pretty noble, and I’m only half joking.


Offensive? How?

i once got visually induced seizures playing dbz budokai 2. but it wasn’t so much the flashing lights as that i was very very sick thyroid wise. i’m not saying that is what is happening to you but something may be wrong metabolism wise if you never got them before.
check your endocrine.
and your brain electric function.

also, it would help if you have had any unusual feelings or symptoms.
have you been feeling lethargic lately? nervous or high strung?
palpitations? anything weird in physical sensations? sugar craving or crashes?

Glad to hear you’re okay. If I could I’d make a post at the top of the page telling you not to scroll down, but that’s not possible, so the thought is there, I suppose.

I’ve never had a problem with that avatar but for the sake of others - and the safety of others - I’d recommend you PM Valaris (can’t you PM on a phone/whatever still?).

Make sure your diet is up to par, having really high cholesterol can make it hard for blood to get to your brain, maybe I’m thinking of a stroke.

You’re most likely epileptic. Stay away from images with a lot of flashes… anime, power rangers, @raz0r 's avatar, most video games, etc.

You don’t wanna start convulsing and die by choking on your own tongue. It’s happened more times than you think.

Bless WTFAKUMAHAX, but I just had a Tom Hanks laughing fit from that :rofl:

@Hav: Yeah eat pretty ok just been under quite a bit of stress and not sleeping well lately, so that may have had something to do with it. Raz(or val or whoever) finally got rid of that image so I’m just gonna try to be cool and not so antsy, though will do some follow up just to be safe. :tup:

Is the avatar gone now?

It didn’t break any forum rules. Read them.

Make sure you don’t watch Metalocalpyse either, or at least the intro

That intro is so badass


Good shit dude, I’m glad.

SRK. Where we try to KILL you with our AVs.

If you’re serious, get better man. If that came out of the blue it could be indicative of a serious problem. Or… Raz0r. :tup:

Oh, OK. Yeah, its expensive as shit.


get well though bewd, seizures are not fun.