Just had to share this

Very cute video.

http://forums.shoryuken.com/showthread.php?t=147646 :S

You have to post that in the video forums. Nice to see you outside of tech talk though.

Replace “cute” with “creepy” and then, yes I agree.

Fuck babies.

Nightmares are ensured now.

That is pretty damn creepy, the whole superimposed baby thing has been done to death as well.

I didn’t think we did the whole “cute” thing here.

More in the lines of creepy then cute.

Seriously, what kind of mind would sit down and come up with something like this? :rofl:

But from a marketing perspective it is super effective. Doesn’t work on me though.

This is almost as creepy as some of the SF4 Mods…almost.

ooga chaka ooga chaka ooga ooga ooga chaka

First time I noticed it I was looking at my subscription updates then I looked over to see a baby posted up next to a boom box trying to look all hard. Which, btw, doesn’t really work if you’re in diapers. (The one exception is that crazy astronaut, because we all know she might actually try something. You can’t predict crazy) So anyways, I watched the video/commercial after my peripheral vision was assaulted after 50 youtube visits. I damn near painted my pants brown after seeing them jump onto the fence. WTF?! It was like they were after my face and soul. From now on I only drink tap water. Eff creepy mascots. At least teh Burger King can be funny.

thats disgusting.

never found babies cute. puppies yeah, babies no.