Just hit G1 and I'd like to significantly up my game

I’ve been practicing Destin’s BnB combo, but can’t get the one frame link done consistently. Aside from replacing that into my gameplay, I have two mental blocks:

  1. c.mk > hp.srk > FADC > Shenanigans
    …I just can’t do it at all for some reason.

  2. Using a throw to punish a whiffed attack instead of s.hp > whatever

My current jumpin/reset BnB is:
j.hk > c.lp > c.lk > c.hp > EX.tatsu > j.hk

I also have a bad habit of using air tatsus to escape or to control spacing. Anyway…I think what I’m getting at is that I’d like to play some of you and get a critique of my Sakura.

PSN: NostalgicX

you cant seem to get it for the same reason i cant. its impossible lol. naw just kiddin but it is freakin hard. i didnt once on accident on my brother and it impressed the hell out of him but yeah its gonna take some practice

I can do it maybe…40-50% of the time I try it.

well u got it better than i do. have u tried to plink the st. hp. i havent yet, that would probably help a lot

It’s not impossible, but I agree it is really hard, perhaps the hardest useful combo in the game. If it weren’t so damn useful, I wouldn’t have bothered to learn it myself.

I was talking to EmblemLord last night and he said that no one can hit confirm c.mk > hp.srk, not even Sabre. Is this true? Am I aiming for an impossible goal? I’ve been trying to practice it in training with random block on, without good results.

imo its not possible,if u JUST do cMK->shouken

or u have to be more than sick+have quicker eyes,than a fly xD

c.mk > hp.srk > FADC > BnB ending with EX.tatsu

Is that safe?

Oh and I’m having problems fighting Balrog players. I know his wakeup is bad and all, but I just can’t find many ways of safely getting in.

bait headbutt->punish with rush down xD

no rly:against all the crap rogs out there,patience is everything…a random HB will come.

against better ones:zoning is everything…do hadokens FAAAAR away (sometimes charge a little…then some more…then no charge…and so on),and do SRKs,if u see he does an attack through it.
if he does some random attacks to catch u,abuse cLK.if it hits,u are in ur combo! :wink:
or do tatsus against his special attacks.if i remind right,the tatsu should beat everything,cause its her armorbreaking move

What do you mean by “safe”? If you can do it then yeah, if not you might eat an SRK from a masher otherwise the s.HP will just get blocked after the Shou FADC.

Anyway…back to my original point, anyone up for matches so I can get a critique of my Sakura?

c.Forward -> fierce.Shoryu -> FADC -> BNB is hard to do mainly for 3 reasons. c.Forward -> fierce.Shoryu is a hard confirm unless off of counter-poke; FADC -> BNB is hard because there’s only a small window after you hit Focus to dash and land the s.Fierce; s.Fierce -> short.Hurricane -> c.Fierce -> ex.Hurricane is hard to do already =\

Risk meter: 100
Reward meter: 70
IMO =P Unless you’re Destin =) But that’s why it’s called the Destin BNB combo :tup:

FADC Shenanigans? The only time you want to use shenanigans after a fierce.Shoryu is if you miss the confirmation and you’re going to be fucked if you don’t FADC =P The options after FADC is jump straight up (don’t against SRK characters), dash back to confirm whiff throw animation and do c.Forward -> SRK again, dash forward and throw, dash forward -> block string.

Stop punishing whiffs with throws.

It’s hard for me to confirm random block c.Forward -> Shoryu but it is possible. The better thing to aim for is to counterpoke. You’ll see that in a lot of my videos =)

For critique, it would probably be better if you recorded some of your matches and posted them in the video section.

GL :tup:

Here’s a video I made with the bnb, maybe it’ll help?

Personally, i’ve practice it so much, i get it at about 80-90% of the time. When it comes to feeling, the timing between the lk tatsu into the link feels ‘uncomfortably shorter’ than the rest of the timings.

that’s the fadc bnb… I still can’t real do that one, been busy with school, takes me a while to get the timing down for how long the dash lasts every time i play.

and I can’t do the c.mk -> h.srk either, i just end up sticking the c.mk there with no follow up, sometimes maybe a lk.tatsu at best (imo, it just seems better to have that get blocked and be safe than screw up an accidental srk)

By shenanigans, I meant BnB reset setups.

add me on PSN… the names shytzoo, i love sakura mirrors. beats sitting around for all the ryus and akumas in g1 who just love to spam shoryuken and get away with it due to latency

What is Sakura’s BnB combo anyway? I’m trying to learn her so I probably need to know this…

Destin’s BnB sakura combo is s.hp xx light shunpu -> c.hp xx ex. shunpu. Usually see saber link into the ex shunpu with a s.lk though.

Depends on the situation and your competence with Light Shunpuu links.

eiSH made a good video somewhere around here :stuck_out_tongue: ~> [media=youtube]TJCE9J9gAME[/media]

If you’re not confident with Shunpuu links you can just do an EX Shunpuu or HP Shou off any HP.

That’s also missing the c.LK > c.LP > c.MK xx HP Shou link for when you don’t have meter or not close enough for c.HP to hit. Variations around the links are basically starting with s.LP > s.LP or c.LK > s.LP, you can also use s.LK instead of c.MK to give you more time for the link but obviously less damage.

After playing around with some things, I realized that you can just buffer the hp.srk while poking with c.mk. Didn’t learn footsies until recently, but if done properly…the hp.srk won’t come out unless the c.mk connects.

Aside from that, my execution needs a bit of work and I’ve improved my mixup game significantly. My main problem right now is EX.tatsu > dash j.hp crossups. I don’t understand the timing to crossover or to stay on the same side at all. The other main thing I’ve been working on is Sakura’s option selects after a knockdown from throws.

f.mk / EX.srk works great against Dhalsim, Seth, Bison and Akuma since they usually teleport away from you, avoiding reset game completely. Basic throw/poke option selects are starting to make their way into my core gameplay, along with the useful os against Rufus.

Oh and is Sakura’s kara throw useful in any scenario? I know if you have +5 frames, you can kara throw after a blocked EX tatsu. I haven’t seen anyone tech it, but I’m not sure if it’s something guaranteed.

Final Note: c.hp + j.mp > Vega

just remember that s.HP is only 3 frames so you can punish whiffs pretty easily with it.

I agree with eish, fishing for a CH c.mk —> sho sho is the way to do it. Oh yeah man, good old buffering at its best, you gotta use that lol.

after a blocked ex tatsu you are + on block, so I wouldn’t be focused on throwing afterwards.