Just how exactly do you cancel on PS2

For example…

HP, HP, HP ,HP , VP cancel into HYP

Can someone please tell me? Maybe the specific actions…ty…

hp hp hp hp…then quater circle forward+p…as soon as it makes contact with the character, press QCF + pp.

wait what do you mean by VP and HYP? are you asking me to run as vice president along side you in 08?

sure, ill do it.

maybe it means Viper Peam XX Hyper Viper Peam !!!.. lolx…

no seriously… .
it’s VB (Viper Beam) and HVB (Hyper Viper Beam)… i assume that’s what you mean

Yea, I dunno what I was thinking…but that still doesn’t make sense…
I dunno how fast you guys are,but Cable whips his VB pretty damn fast. I mean, split second fast. I asked my friend today what canceling was, and he said you have to HVB before the VP hits the enemy. There’s no way I can qcf+p and qcf+pp in a split second.

it just takes a little practice; go to training mode or something. but a general rule for cable players: you should never do hvb on the ground. it has awful recovery time, easily punishable, and you can’t link any together. if you really insist on hp on the ground, hp xx scimitar xx hvb. that way it’s safe, and you can link more together. although you do have to do it really fast…

Gunshots xx Viper Beam xx HVB isn’t a fast cancel at all.

i guess fast depends on the person. people who play tekken or something might think magic series is too fast lol

i usually do a lp viper beam and cancel into hvb afetr the first hit. but if you wanna take your time u can cncel after the last hit of a hp VB

There shouldn’t be any difference between arcade and ps2 for the op. I just tried that and it worked fine. Start the motion for the HVB before any of the VP hits connect.

go to the control settings and turn the command to normal

It’s the same as on the arcade.

Unless you have trouble pushing the trigger buttons it shouldn’t take you more than 1 or 2 tries.

what does that do? I never figured it out.

The same way you cancel on every console.

try using the D-pad if u are currently using the joystick

or (qcfoward, up/foward+pp) He Super Jumps and does an AHVB inches of the ground.


although i’ve been told, i’ve never seen, nor have i ever been able to super jump cancel the bullet… so exactly, how do you do it?

I’ve done it, looks fancy. The way I do it is-lk, lk, hp (the gun hits) stall(Qcfoward,up/foward+pp) the bullet hits and he sj AHVB.

I’ve never done it on purpose, but it has come out many times on accident. The bullet never actually hits for me; I always end up sj.cancelling before the bullet comes out. The only match practical reason to do it is if you trip someone and they don’t roll. Then it’s c.hk OTG c.lk c.hp and after the gun hits sj.cancel into ahvb. Sadly, the only time that happens to me is if I’m trying to scimitar, but screw up the joystick motion.

It’s much safer to do scimitar xx ahvb, because if you screw up the sj cancel, you are stuck doing ghvb.

I agree. It’s easier to use scimitar
besides, you get a nip more meter from it.

I wait until I reach up/foward to push the 2 punches, so if i mess up the motion i just super jump.