Just how good is Abel when you master him?



I’ve recently have been picking up Abel, and he seems like a good character to keep using after I mastered Ibuki.
What is he like when you actually master him?


you really wanna make a thread just for this question?
Why not just ask within an already existing thread?

Anyway, Yes… Abel is very good.


Look up nekojita he’s the top ranked Abel in Japan


Holy crap @ nekojita those mix-ups are just insane.
and I’m going to ask a few more questions in this thread later.
Probably gonna pick him up since he seems like a great punish-er since he seems like my kind of character.

So for now: Any bad match-ups for Abel?


Akuma, juri, fei long, Rufus and Maybe cammy are like the hardest match ups I feel. They can put insane pressure on Abel with good option selects behind there moves, it makes it hard to escape your gonna find your self blocking most of the time against these characters.


You can also look up these Abel players there really good
Shiro- the original Abel master, he plays makoto now but you can watch his old videos there still good stuff in them
Robin01- he’s one of the strongest Abel’s I’ve seen
Pikagoma- he’s good but has a really slow play style, picks his shot carefully. Also hes really bad at grab teching grabs for some reason
Juicebox- Smart player makes a lot of good reads, plus when he lands ultra he dances and it awesome
Gustavo/strider- this guy is fearless, strong rush down
Rico suave- heavy mix up Abel, but I feel he lacks match up knowledge sometimes
Ryder, KDZ, shinba are also good but I haven’t seen them play in awhile.


Interesting, I’ll probably try to play all of their styles depending on the match-up,
What should I keep in mind in those bad match-ups then?
And I use Soulless as my Ultra still, should I keep using it for try out Breathless for a bit?


Abel has great tools to be top. However the character is only as good as the player.



Abel is tournament worthy, he just requires extensive match up knowledge and great defense.

He used to be really derpy and easy to win with before people really learned how to deal with step kick. Now getting your step kick blocked usually gets you fucked instead of getting you free damage out of it.

Main things you need to learn are knockdown setups (easy), mastering st.lk (hard), and mastering WHEN to step kick, not WHERE (really hard). Other basic things like AA’s and spacing are always required no matter what character you are playing.


to master step kick = play more?