Just how much better is P2P than joining a server?

Is it really that stable and what about lag?

I’m tired of desyncing or some other random shit happening when playing on a server. It just seems a lot easier to get a game going though.

I keep hesitating on the P2P because I don’t know if it’s hard to set up or not.

its no more harder to setup than regular p2p. you just get the kailleraclient.dll and drop it in the emu’s directory and you done.

and playing kai p2p vs kai server is NIGHT AND DAY. kai p2p is very consistent and has much much much less lag. you just have to manually find opponents since you need their ip to connect. but thats why we got meeting places like #srkkaillera on irc.

Both have their ups and downs.

P2P Pros

  1. Direct Connection [no server activity interrupting your game play…less lag]
  2. Both players can play at half their ping. So if you have a 50ms ping between you and your opponent, you can play with a ~25ms ping delay.
  3. Probably a more reliable “connection”.

P2P Cons

  1. Requires port forwarding if you host as a server.
  2. Harder to find players and get a game going.
  3. No socializing in a server.
  4. Can only play 1v1

Playing P2P may not always be the best option either. If your opponent has a high ping to you. You may be better off finding a server that you both ping to lower than each other. If you ping 120ms to your opponent but you both ping 25ms to GodWeapon [hypothetical] then playing on the server would probably be better.

It really all depends on what you want. It’s always good to have options. If you’re just looking for a quick game…go to a server and there is probably someone there waiting to play. If you don’t want to deal with the server and have time, find a few reliable buddies and get a P2P game going.

In short, P2P will most likely be a more reliable “connection” and a less laggy game. Just a few more steps to get a game going.

If you use nFBA, I believe the delay is really minimal, so you may not even have to worry so much about that as an issue.

For p2p lobby/matchmaking: srk kaillera channel @ #srkkaillera on efnet

Thanks for the replies. I’m going to try P2P when I get a chance.

Same coast p2p over nFBA with the newest kaillera p2p client is usually 0-2 frame delay. You couldn’t ask for a better connection.

New software in development that automates the launching of nfba and the connecting of players, eliminating 2 of the p2p cons listed above. No need for ip swapping or anything like that. Currently only supports ST as it’s used for super sundays, but casuals can be played during the week and it will soon support all games that nfba does. www.ssf2t.com/supersundays/

if there was a bigger (betteR) way for p2p players to socialize it’d be the main form of playing online (IMO). But since it’s limited; there’s not as many.

I’d take p2p over server anytime available, so long as it wouldn’t have the same lag. (People on opposite coasts would likely get worse, rather than better)

p2p is always my first choice. However 3-way games on mame are just sick.

If by socializing you mean people trolling, stroking their e-dicks and flaming each other endlessly.
Lemme tell you something: if there’s anything I don’t miss about kaillera, it’s the chat.

kaillera servers blow. part of it is that mame sucks REAL bad, the other half is some servers just are shit.

p2p is infinitely better, I don’t even play on WW anymore even though my ping is like 0-15ms there. I get less lag on p2p, no input lag and better input detection. Really is like night and day like sabre said.

Let’s just say I haven’t been to a Kaillera server ever since I found out about P2P.

I was never able to play 3S on MAME on Kaillera servers but I can with nFBA and it’s pretty damn smooth. It was hard to find players on Kai servers but it seems like there’s always someone to play on efnet and people connecting to a game I host. I constantly have awesome connections on P2P, connections that I’ve had maybe 2 or 3 times on Kaillera servers.

I also have to say that ST, A3 and 3S are all better experiences, frame rate and lag wise, on P2P than on GGPO.

P2P is the way for 1 vs 1 games. My lag on GodWeapon was 30 ping and about a 4 frame delay when I played with someone who had an 60-80 ping with a 6 frame delay, but on P2P with both of us normally get 40-50 ping and a 2 frame delay. It’s so smooth on P2P. Never had a desync on P2P yet.

the window actually says 0 frame delay after it connects? i’ve never seen it that low before.

The window should never say 0. But depending on the game you are playing, you will either get 0 or the announced no of frames of delay with the current version of nfba.