Just in case anyone hasn't seen it

Here is a tutorial on how to SJC (superjump cancel) Magneto’s S.HK.


Another trick that I didn’t mention is to look at the hit counter while you’re doing whatever you’re doing. For example the hit counter is at 13 and you do S.HK it goes up to 14, BEFORE it hits 15 you SJ. For some reason that works like 100% of the time and it isn’t hard at all.

whats the song in the video : )

i understand the timing of the hk, but what useful things can i make out of it?

I suppose for the first few reps you do a little more damage with

[s.hk xx sj. lk addf sj.d+lk sj.mk] instead of normal ROM

oh yeah, that looks pretty similar to an fancy assist kill combo. Speaking of that does anybody here know a pretty decent assist kill combo i can use with or without standing hk?

snap back, c.lk, c.lp, snapback, dash in, c.lk, c.hk, tj down lk whiff, s.lp, s.hk 1 hit xx sj, dash down, sj.lk, sj.mk / c.hp /\ sj.lk, sj.mp, sj.mk, ad/down, lk, mk / whatever the fuck you want. basically

that’s hot… but the question that i’m trying to answer concerning magnetos’ cancel time

magnetro, you probably know how this works since u even made it combo…

c.lk, c.lk, xx sj, addf, hk and the like

i can’t possibly comprehend how to make it go c.lk, c.lk, sj, d+lk like you did, but even just to cancel c.mk as an attack just to improve my rushdown


theres not much advice people can give you haha. the frames of teh attack are so fast, the only thing anyone can tell you is to super jump immediately (and i mean immediately) after that mk connects. sooner or later you’re hands will get a “work out” and used to cancelling so fast. you’ll get it a few times and be familiar with how it works. just practice practice practice.

yeah, i’ve been trying that… i get it a few times

is it the same as storm’s? cuz i can do hers easy

magnetos c.mk is wayyyy harder than storms c.mk. the typical rule for the timing on cancelling is you have from the time it connects until the animation of the move ends. magneto’s mk ends really fast, storms lasts considerably longer than magnetos which is why you can do hers easy.

aite thx

i got it somewhat consistant in prac mode right now… gunna work on real life soon

mk is NOT possible to cancel with magneto. sorry

then go back and answer how magnetro does his videos. your name is definitely true sir

he cancels crouching short, not mk.

please rewatch, if u see mk, please name timestamp

lol @ people saying you can sj cancel c.mk at all, let alone consistently

caught out in a lie

eh, lk, mk, same shit different toilets. i was just giving advice on how to cancel haha. i dont ever bother to cancel it, i just know how to do it. but yea, just take my advice and apply it to lk