Just Like In The Movies! - The Viewtiful Joe Video Thread


**[COLOR=#ff0000]**Viewtiful Match Videos![/COLOR]

SYN Chris (Chris/ Dante/ Wesker) vs HowToRead (V. Joe/ Tron/ Trish)
10stars (Dante/ X-23/ Tron) VS Josh Wong (V. Joe/ Task/ Dorm) - Grand Finals - The Break Weekly #106
P. Gorath (V. Joe/ Wolverine/ Shuma) vs Hori|Tatsu (X-23/ Deadpool/ Sent) (Starts around 6:00) - Wednesday Night Fights 3.3
FlashMetroid (VJ/TR/IM) vs Ryan Hunter (DA/AM/DO) - 4-21-11
FlashMetroid (VJ, TR, MO) vs Ryan Hunter (AM, HS, DO) (Starts at 9:40) - Winter Brawl 5
RoyalFlush (TH, SH, VJ) vs OnlineTony (DA, ST, WE)
Noel Brown (Sent, Dorm, Doom) vs Josh Wong (V. Joe/ Sent/ Phoenix) - The Break Weekly #96 Grand Finals
Joseph (Iron Man/ Deadpool/ Ryu) vs HowToRead (V. Joe/ X-23/ Tron) - MvC3 Croydon Tournament

Sexy Combos!

MvC3 - Advanced: DHC Spencer/V. Joe
Simply Viewtiful
ジョーあれこれ Joe: This n’ That
ジョー スローコン
Viewtiful Joe Slow Snapback mixup
Viewtiful Joe - Combo 01 - Super Hero!
Viewtiful Joe - Combo 02 - Slow It Down!
Viewtiful Joe - Combo 03 - Unstoppable!


Viewtiful Joe - 700K Slowed BnB ZOOGSTIN
Viewtiful Joe - Iron Man Slowed Midscreen Exchange
525K Combo Into Slow
Joe - Iron Man Slowed Corner Exchange Combo (Alive)
Joe - Iron Man Slowed Corner Exchange Combo (Death)


Alright so I have a various 1 super combos for every one to see. The first is the basic Bnb that I suggested using the Air Joe in case anyone needs to see it.

YouTube - Viewtiful Joe Basic BnB

The second slow combo I posted a while ago:
YouTube - Viewtiful Joe 748K Slow Combo

The rest are OTG combos to get your minds flowing. I am using Amaterasu and Iron man and can get almost 730K with just 1 meter. I can get 676-677K with out the Iron Man assist, but this is obviously more damage than my solo Joe BnB. Obviously if you start off with j.S the damage will be considerably lower buts still more than what the current bnb would be if you started with j.S. Hopefully you guys can contribute:

As you all may or may not know the following characters allow Joe to pull out a bomb mid combo and continue to hit the opponent afterwards:

Magneto- hyper grab
Spencer- Pull
Chun- Lightning legs
Cap’n- Shield slash
Amaterasu- Cold Star

Here is the potential uses of these. (Note the second assist in my combos can probably be any character in the game. But the first assist should be one of the mentioned characters above.)

YouTube - Viewtiful Joe Basic Mid-screen Bomb OTG combo with Amaterasu Assist
YouTube - Viewtiful Joe Basic Corner Bomb OTG Combo with Amaterasu Assist
YouTube - Viewtiful Joe Mid-Screen Bomb OTG Combo with Amaterasu and Iron Man Assist- 717,400K
YouTube - Viewtiful Joe Corner Bomb OTG Combo with Amaterasu and Iron Man Assist- 715-729K

Guides and Misc.

[Superior Tech - Dante, Viewtiful Joe, Morrigan](‘http://Superior Tech - Dante, Viewtiful Joe, Morrigan’)
Viewtiful Detonators (read description for explanation)
Viewtiful Detonators without Meter (read description for explanation)
Blocked Bomb Glitch (Courtesy of //Jais)
Marvel vs Capcom 3 Hyper Guide - Basics - Viewtiful Joe - Shoryuken.com
Viewtiful Joe - Apprentice Combos - Marvel Hyper Guide


SUPER LATE EDIT: Heeeeeeeeenshin


Woo! I mean…Awww.
I’m actually pretty surprised/disappointed no-one seems to like him enough to play.


This isn’t too bad [media=youtube]gwLmoxaFnyw&feature=player_embedded#at=193[/media] shows the tk dive kick and you can cancel his dp into air joe even on whiff.


<3 the Air Joe juggles in that vid.


As soon as i get my copy I play on recording some Joe Gameplay


I’ll also have to admit that that is the blackest viewtiful joe I’ve seen in my life.


OMG looks


Slow Super shenanigans! And with it lasting for 10 seconds, opponents really gotta fear it! Surprisingly, they don’t look too difficult.


I got some work to do. Those combos look great.


New thread title to differentiate it from the new Team thread. Also added those sweet combos to the first post.





There is the basic guide made by shoryuken. It is pretty good and they are using the team I plan on using.


The ending to that guide deserves to be its own video.



A short little video, basically shows that after you use the slow super, you can use 6B or 2C, medium groovy uppercut into air joe to snapback.

so anyone looking to slow an opponent’s assist has this little setup at the cost of two bars.


Pretty nice little set up there. I’d go for something a little longer:

Slow, f.:m:, Groovy Upper :m:, RHK :l:, RHK :m:, adf, :h:, RHK :h:, j.:h:, RHK :m:, RHK :h:, s.:h:, snapback. Does about 450k.


[quote=“Cactuarlover, post:8, topic:119707”]

OMG looks
After you hit with air joe and relaunch i cnt get more than one hit. Can someone help…


Noel brown vs josh wong [media=youtube]CpC2u9Nnmnc[/media]



Watch what RF does with Joe around the 7:45 point…

He dashes in and lands a j.:s:, then does Air Joe :h: on the way down into s.:h:, c.:h:

I never thought of using Air Joe like that, it’s really helpful when crossing up tall characters like Sent and Dorm.


Justin.tv - Final Round Arcade - 2/17/2011 - MvC3 @ Final Round Arcade ($5 Tuesdays / Thursdays)

Start watching at 20 mins. Could be more peppered throughout.