Just Like In The Movies! - The Viewtiful Joe Video Thread

Heres one match of flashs joe, there are a few others on the page [media=youtube]7RZiFs2sfIw&feature=mfu_in_order&list=UL[/media]

Here’s the archived stream from Xanadu (credit goes to Vuru for finding it) where Flash Metroid plays Joe, Iron Man, Tron. I haven’t watched them all, but for Episode 5, only the first one and the last one have Joe footage.

Flash is the best Joe in the world for one reason; he’s really paying attention. His hit confirms are on point, he turns any random hit into a full combo and he has the presence of mind to adjust his combos so they work at any range/height, etc. He turns every opening into big damage, and not a lot of players can do this. He can do it because he played 3rd Strike.

Basically if you want to get good at fighting games, play 3rd Strike.

lmao wtf I dont play 3s ahhahaha 3s is the worst fucking game ever made lol

lmao what are you on

maybe at high levels.

Im glad to see flash isn’t dropping joe, I was a little worried after watching him at final round but its good to see he is sticking with it and making noise. I am loving his joe/iron man/tron team, but outta curiosity does anyone know why he DHC’s into the straight photon cannon and not the slanted one?

Oh shit, did I just get exposed? Then who am I confusing you with? Ah well, whatever, you’re godlike.

OH I KNOW, you played GUILTY GEAR! Same rules apply as for 3rd Strike lol you have to play GG to be good at fighting games

Doin it for the lulz I see… :lovin:

that voomerang with irons laser is nutty

MVC3 Viewtiful Joe- Blocked Bomb

MVC3 Viewtiful Joe- 525K Slow BnB

MVC3 Viewtiful Joe-Iron Man Slowed Corner Exchange (death)

MVC3 Viewtiful Joe-Iron Man Slowed Corner Exchange (alive)

Fucking god like im gonna start using that joe bnb for slow. Thanks very viewtiful and i subbed you.

Last ones Guys:

MVC3 Viewtiful Joe - 700K Slowed BnB ZOOGSTIN

MVC3 Viewtiful Joe - Iron Man Slowed Midscreen Exchange

I commented on a couple and subscribed as well, keep the Joe videos coming :smiley: Great work!

Good stuff with the vids //Jais. Good thing I play ironman. Definitely going into the lab with this.

Good stuff man.

YEa! Nice job

[media=youtube]mi9tzDxJBdo&feature=player_embedded[/media] good stuff.

how is he doing the dhc trick with joe? I can’t get it to work…but my comprehension of the dhc trick itself is murky at best.

You have to cancel Godhand into DHC on the first frame of impact. Basically 1 frame link DHC trick.

Those combos are unbelievable, especially when he combos multiple hard tags, but they aren’t very practical. I don’t think you’d ever see it in tournament play.

Brandon vs. Athens, Marvel pdpbp on USTREAM. Gaming Entertainment

not a great joe but an epic ending