Just Like In The Movies! - The Viewtiful Joe Video Thread





Our boy howtoread doing work in the UK, [media=youtube]VgtUC5kc23w&feature=mfu_in_order&list=UL[/media] if you look through the playlist youll see even more viewtiful gameplay(see what i did there?)


FM’s VJ was sick.


Hey guys. I wanted to upload a very brief Viewtiful Joe combo I recorded. It’s actually very applicable in matches and it builds one meter, but it needs an OTG assist to get the full meter:

Inputs are in the description.


YouTube - karitakanehakaesanai’s Channel

nice stuff here


Hey everyone, just wanted to give a little update:

I added two match videos. One of P. Gorath’s VJ vs Hori|Tatsu at WNF 3.3. Then the grand finals of The Break Weekly #106 featuring Josh Wong’s VJ.

Added a post from Zoogstin on high-damage 1 meter combos. Air Joe combos, Slow combos, Bomb OTG combos, and team combos are all covered in his post.

Finally, added the Viewtiful Detonator videos that I somehow missed to Guides and Misc. section.



Chris G around 32:08

Justin.tv - Save Point Gaming - Broadcasting LIVE on Justin.tv


Some very nice Japanese Joe match play. Even gets a perfect!


Good joe but he doesn’t do optimal combos and there isn’t enough voomerang spam.

But no hate. He gets his wins.


Flash Metroid plays V. Joe. Starts at the very beginning.


Hey guys, I play a REALLY crappy VJoe (read: I suck at this game) but I was on The Online Warrior against maximillian for two matches. I drop A LOT of combos and stuff but I tried my best.


just made a highlight of this match with how to read showing some sweet vj comboes. i really enjoyed so i thought id share.


Ok, I hope you guys have seen this new combo vid. The last bit with Joe is pretty nuts. Obviously comboing Slow into a snapback is old news, but I had no idea Joe could OTG with a bomb by himself when the opponent is slow. Calling all combo maker aficionados, there has to be an even more damaging Slow combo than the one we have now…


also, everytime we use the bomb otg, we block it and that resets the damage right?


Only if you do the manual bomb detonation. Otherwise no.


player of the week nice


im so much better now lol


I think everyone’s a lot better. At least I would hope everyone is. Hahaha. I was looking at some older casual matches I played when the game first came out and back when I didn’t own it and was just trying to learn through playing.

I. Was. Awful. That’s probably one of the rare times you’ll ever see me win a match if you look at those. Nowadays, I practice stuff like this.


^ Yo damn that combo was GODLIKE. Definitely stealing it.

If I do well this weekend you might see my Joe on stream at T12. Any of you guys going?


Did anybody here shown PGORATH’S Money Match aganist DIOSX?