Just Like In The Movies! - The Viewtiful Joe Video Thread



I can’t stand the combos the P.Gorath does.


Yeah I was gonna say that they’re not very efficient and he doesn’t do voomerang spammage at all but I noticed that the video was probably from late July, early august so he’s probably improved.


He’s been doing that shitty combo since I’ve seen him play Joe. I don’t know why he wastes two bars when he can do just as much damage spending one bar. :confused:


This is the product of me staying up late at night and screwing around with Joe and Ammy DHC glitch.

Not really practical combos, but fun nonetheless. Shoddy quality as always. No real recording equipment.


found this randomly on youtube,
[SIZE=3]How To Combo After Viewtiful Joe’s Viewtiful GodHand in MVC3[/SIZE]



Yeah its nice having ammy on a joe team. I always practice my DHC glitch combos just incase I actually get it in a match (which has only been 3 times since I’ve owned the game. -__-).


pft, who needs combos?


Aww come on man. You can do it. They aren’t the hardest things in the world. Learn that voomerang spam and you’ll be a pain to deal with. Especially with your p. gorath assist.


voomerang spam doesn’t really work against doom/storm.



You’re right. Whirlwind is a pain. I take it for granted because I have Iron Man’s unibeam assist.


Yeah but Storm is easy to deal with.
Her projectile is pretty slow that could close the distance while baiting for it. She cant do the Ice Storm cause she’ll get smacked be some Voomerangs even if it was THC.
The only thing that is hard to deal with is if Storm is baiting the Voomerangs for Elemental Rage…I hate that thing. D:


umm storm can go around any voomerang or stay in the air indefinitely while calling assists to blow you up. of course she isn’t going to stand there and get in a projectile fight with you


Re-uploaded that video to fix the audio a bit. Already edited my post to reflect that. I didn’t like the music fading out before the end of the video. It’s better now.

Shoutouts to the person commenting and recognizing the music before I deleted and re-uploaded it. Props to you. Didn’t think anyone would recognize the Sonic Shuffle tunes.


Hello everyone; I’ve uploaded a few matches of me using Vjoe… I hope you enjoy them:



Nice use of mach speed’s invincibility


dude. you may have just found me a practical dhc glitch with morrigan followup for my team. had to do this cray cray setup with trish’s peekaboo assist and desperado and still couldn’t get it to be worth the meter. dhc glitch won’t kill in ultimate so easily but goddang this is hot #tenmoreyears


I have a Few matchs up. im not the Greatest joe. but I have Recieved a few messages saying I have a Good joe.
I think I rush in To much. lol.


At about 0:43 in the 2nd video You’ll notice I whiffed my Six Cannon. That was on purpose So I would avoid She-Hulks grab Super.


Omg gabu u have my team!!!


Joe vs Storm is actually bad for Storm in my opinion. It’s very rare that you get hit with Ice Storm at full screen while using IAD Vroomerangs if you know to space them out correctly, they have extremely low recovery as is.

Whirlwind is still a very vertically small projectile that will not stop Joe from superjump airdashing over it (by this I mean superjumping just high enough to go over it) (with a vroomerang if you want), but that is when you need to be careful about Ice Storm.

And Typhoon is out of the question.

When Storm feels like flying around it can be hard though, but up vroomerangs do help with that somewhat…very fast upwards projectile. Just need to play very carefully and predict when she’ll come down or when she’ll stay up there.

Six Cannon is also your best friend when it comes to keepaway characters.

But for Doom, he’s easily stopped by just superjump airdashing. If he throws plasma beam you can dash over and throw a vroomerang as you fall, creating an opening; if he wants to chuck some lasers from the air, you have time to get in there before you have to block. Any hyper he does is out of the question with Six Cannon there, too.

Just remember; ONE Vroomerang creates a huge opening vs keepaway. It slices through a good amount of projectiles and eats them up for Joe to throw more or airdash/RHK in.