Just Like In The Movies! - The Viewtiful Joe Video Thread



Sick, that dodge made me squeal


Joe has way too much style and swag. Those 2 things of all things need to get nerfed.


someone playing some online matches with Joe


I saw that earlier. I couldn’t watch it. It doesn’t feel right watching someone do ranked match’s with my main. lol!
Im alright with Player matchs and casuals but not Ranked D:


Doing some Online matchs. they are uploading atm but here is one That has finished!

-Will edit when they are all done uploading-


Now that ultimate is out and stuff if you guys wanna show whose the greatest joe we can duke it out online.



Here are some from me. I tend to record videos that I lose. (And I was talking during these matchs. which is awkward)
-Note- My Team is Viewtiful Joe, Rocket Raccoon, & Vergil.

For some reason I get nervous when im recording matchs.


hey have anybody notices Joe can dash twice forward in the air now? When i was messing around in training mode i was pressing 2 attack buttons plus mashing forward and it lets him double dash forward (yes i know he could double dash but in vanilla i never saw him or knew he was able to dash forward twice)its kinda a weird little thing I found


I think, if im right, Joe can Air-dash Twice in the air if you press M+H Then Immediatly press M+H+S


thats exaxtly right, this could really trick people that you play seeing how most people are only use to seeing one air dash from a character.Oh and to some degree this can be delayed been messing with it all day, so say if some sees your dashing >they block you go for a second one and use his air S and wham free hit.:pleased:


holy crap dude on ur last video of of matches i was facing that guy all day me and him was having some excellent battles very close stuff, so gabu you play on psn?


I do not have psn sorry. thats weird though he was on XBL how did you fight him O.o


I guess he has both lmao cuase I definitively did fight that guy same team and everything.


I’ll give my friend some exposure here.

first match

and skip to [ 4:00 ]



I recorded Joe’s BnB as well as a bunch of bomb otg combos for people to look at and try out.

Joe’s BnB:

Voomerang Spam:

Bomb combo’s gallore:

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when you put the MH before the S after the H RHK, can you do that into the normal bnb ender or will it make them fall out of the super jump combo somehow?


Well in MvC3 when I ended the combo with a :m: RHK airdash :h: Air Joe into Super, I don’t think it worked. But :l: Airjoe is a completely didn’t animal since Joe has more + frames on hit than an :h: air joe so maybe you can. I also found out that you can connect a j.:s: after an :m: Airjoe as well. My starter however was c.:m:, c:h: so I don’t know if it will work if I start with a j.:s: or :l:


Hey guys, I’ve been looking into a Joe/Vergil team and I was wondering if I could get some feedback from the more experienced Joe players here on this combo. Any tips are a big help!



WIth joe I always play keep away so when I get close a combo like this would probrably kill without the last super


Repost from the Rocket Raccoon forums, but it’s still relevant here.

Matches with my Viewtiful Joe. Make of them what you will. Thought I’d share.