Just lock this trollfest

To all the people ordering this I don’t think this stick will be of similar quality to the HRAP yes it looks like it but I think it’s going to be just like the Tekken 5 stick.

First off the 360 version is a Hori EX and the PS3 version looks like a HRAP yet their is only a 20 dollar difference between the two.

Second off the Tekken 5 stick (another fighting game themed hrap look alike) is hard to mod and really isn’t that great of a stick.

So I hope the people that are getting this aren’t getting this instead of the TE or HRAP3/EX.

But this is still all just speculation.

Flame me all you want but you make some of the dumbest posts and threads.

Pointless thread, we already know th e 360 one is a EX2 (shit tier, ive gone thru like 4) and the ps3 one is a HRAP.

JLF-TP-8Y-SK-R confirmed.

It is just the same as a HRAP 3 but with different art.

well you thought right :frowning:

Nah, I’m not going to flame you.

But it’s funny on how you state your opinions as facts. Another funny thing is that you state your opinion like someone will actually give a shit. When honestly I couldn’t give the slightest.

Why someone would consider this thread to be dumb is beyond me. I’m simply trying to start a discussion on whether the Hori SF4 Stick is going to be like a real HRAP or like the Tekken 5 stick.

Meh, I don’t even know why I’m wasting time replying to someone whose only intentions is trying to get me to flame them.

Fucking trolls.

Ps3 one is maybe worth it. Id rather have the TE or fightstick and mod it (which Im doing both). Fuck the EX2, I hate hori cause those things. Only stick I would get right now beside a TE is the HRAP EX-SE.

The reason why this thread sucks is because your answering a question that nobody asked and is base on your speculation. Never said my opinion was a fact. Yes I’m a troll, a fucking one too!

Are you kidding me? Who cares if noone ever asked is this stick going to be any good. That’s even better because people never even considered that this stick was going to be bad. And because my basis is speculation this thread is bad? Wow. Speculation creates discussion. Discussion creates an answer.

“You make some of the dumbest posts and threads.” You never said yourself that they were fact but you sure acted like it.

Was this an attempt at being clever?

the jp t5 hori was much better than the standard t5 hori…hori stick vs sanwa jlf…big difference off the bat

Yes, you are correct. You win!

this thread is not dumb because it attempts to answer a question nobody asked, it is dumb because it attempts to answer a question everyone knew the answer to before SFIV was even a thought.

Question: is the HRAP3 bad?–> Answer: no
Q: is the hrap3 with sfiv artwork different?–> A: no
Q: so is the hrap3 with sfiv artwork bad?–> A: no

(follow same logic for ex2 except answer yes to questions 1 and 3)

what sort of speculative discussion were you hoping for from this mind bending scenario?

Now, what was this?

Some failed attempt at conceding without looking like you’re conceding?

Yet how were we supposed to know that this was the HRAP 3 with different art Look at the Tekken 5 stick. Looks like a HRAP2 with different art yet the American version came with all hori parts and it was as hard to mod as a HORI EX.

Maybe you guys did somehow know. But even in that scenario I wouldn’t consider this thread dumb. It would be me asking if the this stick was going to be like the HRAP3 or not.

i dont think anyone cares what you think about the new hori sticks


Apparently, they do.

But I do enjoy your clever use of ignorance.

:rofl:…in before lock:lol:

This thread is dumb.


Every topic this guy makes becomes a flame war.