Just married

I just got married yesterday, and I did a custom cake topper. It’s not that fancy, but thought I should show it off!

so awesome!

Just so you know, if you were having sex before it’s over now :stuck_out_tongue: hahahahah…

And LOL at the fact that you are posting during your honeymoon :smiley:


Uh I mean congratulations!


Careful with your wife that she won’t do this!?!?

Hahah thanks!!
And honeymoon was delayed… College student = Broke…

Hahahahaha I think this is my video of the month! that was hilarious he didnt even see it coming… And she actually hates fighting games, but plays with me other games.

You poor bastard…

Just make sure you don’t ever bring up Galactus and your wife in the same sentence and everything will be fine.

Lol just kidding, man. I hope you that two are happy together.

ur sex life is gonna decrease. other women are going to look hotter. congrats though!!!

Yo guys don’t worry his wife is obviously cool if she let him put that on their wedding cake lol.

LMAO! Your wife has perfect timing.

Wish you the best… seriously.

she’s going to be in a word of hurt if he can see through that and use his sword of blacknight on her showing her all of his moves

his wife must be cool as hell for that, mad props!!

Thanks for the kind comments!

Lol of course, as well as any other ageing male… unless you’re loaded. And thanks!

Congratulations! On the wedding, and the cake-topper :tup:.

Bad ass! Congrats and hope you have a happy life together. :tup:

Condole… I mean congrats.

Just gave me an awesome idea for a wedding cake topper, but instead of a game, it’ll have a bunch of girls crying their hearts out.

Congratulations, great topper there

congratz man…just let her pull you away intil she has to go to the bathroom, usually enough time to get a few rounds of Mahvel in =)

  • :bluu: