Just modded my Madcatz SE stick with sanwa parts, got a problem


I modded my SE stick today and i’m having a weird problem with it. sometimes the directions i push hold longer than they’re supposed to. like even after i center the stick i’ll keep walking forwards or backwards for a short time.

any ideas?


Sticky microswitches?


Are you trying it on your pc or 360/ps3? I have the same problem sometimes on my PC because it overheats then starts registering stuff stupidly.


im using it on my PC right now. never had a problem with the old stick


its weird, it only seems to happen in a small window of time, like between 0.5 and 1 second. if i tap the stick it doesn’t hang, and if i hold it it wont hang, but if i press it for just a small amount of time i get an extra step.


Is your switch on LS or or DP , mine does that when my stick is switched to LS


Yes, if your stick is set to the wrong input it’ll stretch out some directions.


it is actually set to LS instead of DP like usual. i’ll flip it and see if it fixes it. thanks, guys.


putting it back on DP fixed it. thanks again.


Panicky are we


a little, yeah =p