Just moved to Seattle, Where can I find solid 3s players?


Visiting family for a month till I come back to socal, I’m so fucking bored. Please someone tell me there’s a hot spot for 3s in Seattle. :sad:


GameWorks would be the only place I know of. 7th and Pike. Right off the Union St Exit.


how is the setup? sit down? stand up? american? jap? what time does it close? when do the good players show? sorry just dont wanna bust a mission to be let down :frowning:


I’ll be honest, I’m pretty new when it comes to the fighting game scene, so I don’t know when the “good players” show up. I’d say Post in the ‘Rally Point: Gameworks’ thread and get some more attention for 3s (I know some people still ache to play the game).

As for the set-up, Stand-up American (I believe), and I have only played on it a couple times and it didn’t seem out of working out. Closing times vary, but Fridays/Weekends usually around 1AM? Week nights close about midnight?

Sorry I can’t help anymore than that, it just seems the 3s community doesn’t post too much, and a lot of the guys in SF4 now-a-days talk about the “good ole 3s days” so posting in the thread I mentioned before would probably be a good bet. We use it for coordinating times/hang outs at GameWorks and typically it’s a pretty good turn out for SF4.


Let me just start by saying don’t get your hopes up because 3s is dead here.

There’s… maybe like 4 players that are good? I admit I haven’t been to gameworks in a while so maybe I’m off, but like I know I don’t play anymore, I don’t think LTB plays anymore, I don’t know if jason plays anymore (I would guess not?)… We all pretty much play SF4 if we’re gonna play an SF.

And the GW cabinet is nothing to write home about IMO. It’s stand up, american set up, the awkward american rectangular button setup where they’re spaced too far apart, and when I used to go there was typically one side with a broken button or messed up stick. The only tech who worked there that truly cared about fixing stuff no longer works there. I can’t play on american sticks working or not, so I stopped caring… that and I hate the game now. :rofl:

With that said, either thursday or friday used to be the best days (or nights, rather).


the cab is not terrible, playable at least, i thought those american sticks were the devil but i got used to them it isn’t that bad. but yeah the one guy that fixed stuff does no longer work there and in the past it has been broken before, like last year some buttons on some cabs, particularly 3s and marvel, just didn’t work

as for people who play…mystic, his friend who i forget his name (sorrrrrry), and a guy named justin are the people who i’ve played on the cab and weren’t scrub (that i can remember anyway). however at NWM, the only people from seattle that i recognized in the 3s tourney were me, elias, and cole, and i have a feeling that cole doesn’t touch the machine anymore, and i myself am leaving seattle

in other words, sorry but good luck


Your only REAL competition will be Justin who beasts with Akuma and like half of the cast. Luckily for you when he goes to GW he’ll pretty much be on the 3S cab upstairs getting XS+ ratings on the computer cuz nobody plays anymore. If you come down this Thursday for the 3 hour special I’ll probably be able to give you a few matches towards the end of the night.


Cool, thx guys. I’ll try and make it tomorrow and Friday.


the cab is not bad, i actually prefer 3s on american sticks cuz i learned that game at gameworks. justin’s akuma is probably some of the only competition you will get now cuz as already stated everybody moved on to sf4. if you are up there and i stop by you can get at some of this necro. my ken and yun are super scrub and my sean is dirty so we might need to be drinking while we play this trash


oh man, I bet your drunk sean fucks people up


ill make sean top tier after i drink a pint of hennessy. ken yun chun aint got shit on these basketball setups


I played 3S all the time in Hawaii. It’s still big there. No one really plays 3S at Gameworks and Justin’s Akuma is beast. He was on a 30 win streak one time. I don’t know why they put the cab upstairs away from all the good fighting games. Now it’s just a gigantic lamp.

I play 3S while waiting for my turn on 4. I’m willing to play if there are people out there who still want to play.

I played a few players during my time here; all were pretty solid:

Justin - Akuma
Big White Dude (Nate?) - Hugo
White Dude (I forgot his name) - Ken

I use Makoto and only her. I’m not that great, but I’m always up for a match.




I think I might have played you a few times in 3S and 4. Do you use Ryu in SF4? I was a taller white guy who used Akuma(3S)/Rufus(4) and usually had a beer. I would usually be getting scraped by either Justin or Nate.


Yeah, that’s me.


if anyone wants to play someone good, ill be there tonight.

black yun/purple ken


you are always welcome in portland to play 3rd strike. did you play with leviathan and dagger_g in hawaii?