Just opened my TE stick for the first time and...something went wrong


my screw wont screw itself back in and somehow a nut slipped out…how do i go about putting this back in.??

heres a pic:


That’s the nut holding your control panel in I believe. Usually that nut is held in via fun warranty goo, but sometimes it comes off like in your situation there. If you take apart the entire stick, you’ll see the place where that nut goes. Feel free just to hot glue that nut back into place.


The same thing happened to mine and I used hot glue as well like mortified suggested…


Gluing the hex nuts into place is the only way for sure that they’ll stay on in TE cases.

I’ve never lose a hex nut OR had it fall but in many cases they do loosen up and WILL fall off if you’re not away of the situation.
This is just bad workmanship and poor quality plastic in the TE case.

HRAP 3 SA/SE use the same kind of system to hold their hex nuts in place, too, but I’ve never had the HRAP SA/SE hex nuts fall off or loosen. The retainer rings for those are much better constructed. Higher quality plastic there.


do you have to open the ENTIRE stick from the bottom(disconnecting all wires and what not} just to glue the nut back in?


tbh i dont feel confortable taking apart the entire stick…cant i just take off the bottom plate?