Just ordered a HRAP3


Havent played SF since it was on the SNES and then it was with a dpad. I thought about the Mad Catz TE but they were all sold out and I have a Mad Catz bluetooth which completely sucks. I dont really trust Mad Catz anymore.

Now I’m looking to upgrade my stick and buttons as suggested by the boards and since the search isnt working I’m still looking for the right info to get the best out of my new toy. Hopefully I will get it early next week.


I do love my HRAP3 but with tweaking: ya gotta get sanwa/seimistu buttons. The Stock Hori ones are fine for awhile if it’s your first stick, but they have a loose fit, and are a bit stiffer. Still congrats on your buy, overtime you’ll love it.


HRAP3s come stock with a Sanwa JLF so you won’t need to change that. That’s the same stick that’s found on SF4 arcade cabinets. What you want to change is the buttons. Sanwa OBSF-30s are the standard, but there are threads in the stickies that describe the differences between different brands so look that up. Try to find what you want.


Tingboy’s guide (found in that thread as well) to modding the HRAP2 will also be helpful. It applies to the HRAP3 as well.