Just ordered my first fightstick! Tips/Help?

So after much hesitation I finally took the plunge and ordered my first fightstick and it’s on the way!
Now this is my first time with one of these outside of actual arcade play and it’s been ages. I usually play with the PS3 controller and was wondering if you guys out there had any tips for someone just about to dive into the arcade stick world and maybe some ideas of what to expect in terms of complications and overall adjustments.

I ordered the ‘Super Street Fighter IV Arcade FightStick Tournament Edition S - Black’ off of amazon.com.

Also I’m mostly a ryu/gouki main but I mostly play with friends and I have fun playing with nearly every character.

Anyway, I’d really appreciate any feedback from the vets out there

Thanks a bunch!

Be patient. When I got my stick it took my a few hours to be able to consistently hado. So once it arrive’s I recommend lots of input training. Practice all your quarter circles and dp motions. Took me about a week or two to be on par with my pad skills.

Read the sticky on execution should help you a lot

just got mine today actually, first thing i noticed is the buttons are a lot more sensitive, meaning you’ll have to wait a little longer before the button press to get your special off.

i’m with you in the newbie fightstick category, good luck!

I ordered my fightstick not long after Vanilla came out, after I had been playing every fighting game in my life on pad, so I know exactly how you feel here.

My best tip is not to give up. A stick does improve your execution, despite what pad players insist. There is a reason nearly every tournament player uses a stick (Shizza is the only glaring exception - I have no idea how that guy does some of his shit on a pad), so keep that in mind. There will, almost inevitably, be times where you want to throw your stick because you just lost to some 50 BP online scrub because he was doing stupid shit that you couldn’t counter because of the stick. You will want to switch back to pad. Resist the urge!

I recommend spending as much time as possible in training mode. Practice everything you have. Your BnBs, your links, your combos, your ultra, your combos into ultra, your jump-ins, your cross-ups, any element of your game needs to be practiced on a stick.

Something that helped me was going through and doing all the characters’ combo trials. I’d go through and do the ones that were easy first, then come back and really spend some time with the harder ones until I got them down.

Good luck, and enjoy your new fightstick! The SSF4 TE “S” is a good stick, and it should last you a long time. Not to mention it looks really good.

I just switched 1, maybe two months ago. All I can say is DON’T GIVE UP. It took me nearly a month to adjust. If you find you can’t do any motions, charge times are screwed up, etc. Do 10 reps from each side a day. it works wonders.

why do you call akuma gouki if you aren’t japanese?

Don’t be a wuss with it. It’s meant to be manhandled.
Don’t drop it.
If you like sticky snacks or chips that like to crop dust on your fingers have some baby wipes at the ready.
Learn how to solder so you’ll be comfortable doing repairs if need be.
Have fun.

Soldering is unnecessary for most things, unless dual modding… that is definitely where soldering experience will come in handy…

Either that or get someone who knows what they are doing to do it for you…

Just got mine today too… actually hasn’t been too horrible other than I haven’t found a good way to hold my fingers so I can quickly taunt/focus… and I’ve only been able to land two 720s so far.

Index, Middle and Ring fingers on LP, MP, HP, thumb on LK. That way, if you need to focus, you move your thumb to MK and press MP and MK. If you need to throw, your fingers are already there.

Makes them feel special I guess.

No need to jump to conclusions

he is probably playing the japanese import version of the game

Yeah, that seems to be working nice enough, just need to get in the habit of using my thumb a bit more.

edit: good news so far is I’m back to >50% hadoken spam reliability… still can’t do 720s for shit yet.

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