Just Picked this up

Is there a site for basic info. Not specialized for certain characters.

And also, how do ya’ll do the double qcf’s? I always end up jumping. It’s kinda annoying.

This is probably it, unless you want basic, somewhat useless info, which you can find from GameFAQs.

As for QCFx2, just practice. It might be good to start by buffering them with specials that won’t make you jump. For instance, with Ken, do QCF+P so that he does a Hadoken, and then immediately do another QCF+K during the fireball animation to activate your super.

Ah ok. I’m using Dudley currently, and I had fun playing with Makoto yesterday (although I just purchased it) but since Ken is top tier, all probably give him a try as well…

My advice to you is just practice practice practice.

Don’t pick Ken just because he’s top tier. Don’t feel so confined to the tiers and other shit like that. 3s is cool like that, you still have a chance with any character, well except Sean.

But if you really do want to, go ahead and pick up Ken, he’ll teach you the basics of 3s. The most satisfying thing about picking Ken is that people will give you a mean look at the arcades when you pick him. I once got a “what is wrong with you?” from a guy when I picked Ken, lol.

if someone else tries to pick ken, just cover him up on the screen with your hand

Or your penus:confused:

Keep in mind, some of the stuff you see might only work in the arcade version.

You might get bored of him quickly, he can beat anyone faster than Kevin’s :qcf::qcf:+:snkd: super’s execution in Garou. Though he’s good to start with, if you’re willing to go pro, learn Urien’s & Oro’s unblockables. In the case of Oro, master the Chicken!

Heres how to get a good fat damage with Ken close up after you parry a fatty fierce.

:hp: :qcf: :r: :df: :mp: :r: :lk:

Yeah. I actually took Sean, Ken, and um…let’s see Yun online today. I got just as good as I was with Ken (maybe a bit less) with Sean and Yun is surprisingly satisfying to play with. I dunno…I’ll probably get around to usin’ lots of characters. Makoto is very interesting, but difficult to learn for me.

Am I the only one who finds it easier just to do :hp::mp::qcf::qcf::k:?

Keep this man away from Dan_The Man!

Well just for u here are some Sean combos:-

Crouching :mk:–>:qcb:+:lk:
Standing :hp:–>:qcb:+:mk: (Great stun!)
Crouching :mk:–>:dp:+:hp:
Crouching :mk: or Standing :hk:–>Any SA
Standing :hk:–>:qcb:+:mk: (Not sure, but needs timing)
Standing :hp:–>:dp:+:hp:xxSA I/SA II

If you’re gonna start with a Jumping attack, make it Jumping :hp:, it’s the most damaging, but you gotta hit them deep with it. Also you can use the EX versions of those specials for damage & (?) stun.

Sean’s most damaging (and easiest) combo with an SA is:
Jumping :hp:–>Standing :hk:–>SA III
Does 50% damage on Ryu!

Also, at the corner, it is possible to combo SA II with ANOTHER SA II.

Take a look at this tonghboy tutorial, it’s great for basic stuff: http://vgtab.net/files/thirdstrike-thingsyoushouldknow.mpeg

[rightclick and save as or dlmanager]

wow! Thanks for the help Akutabi. I’ll definetely give these a try later today on my friend :smiley:
Thanks Leva for the video tutorial
I’m really exploring the characters. I’d really like to learn Sean, Makoto and Yun, but Yun is difficult to do moves with, I have some trouble getting qc’s

I’m still unsure as to how to execute a qcfX2+p/k
I’ve been experimenting with it, and I still can’t tell what works :sad:
:qcf: :bdp: :qcf: :hp:
Is that gonna do it? Otherwise I’m very unsure as to how to do it. That’s the stick motion…but…

The hell? Why are you doing that motion in the middle? That won’t help at all.
I really wouldn’t recommend learning Sean first. He’s the lowest tier character in the entire game.

I don’t know why that motion works…but it does.
And I don’t plan on learning Sean. I think I’ll focus more on Yun and…uh…Ken…

The motion DOES work. Think of it like a shorter version of the 360 method.

Whatever floats your boat.

You’re welcome, though no offense but I find it a bit funny that ppl have trouble performing :qcf::qcf:s in SFIII. Try doing it a bit slowly & when you do the 2nd :qcf: hold :r: and press a button, you should either get the SA or a special move.
Man I remember the old days when whenever I did a :qcf::qcf: I usually end up doing :dp:s :/.

Try this: :qcf:, let go of the joystick for a moment, :qcf:, :p: or :k: or whatever.

I’ll give these a try. It’s hard with a controller though…
Hopefully I might get sticks for my xbox, and we’ll see.