Just picked up AE



I’m starting with Ryu. Now would you guys suggest to go to the lab and learn all of his combos, setups, FADC stuff, safe jumps, option selects, etc.

Or should I go online (as I have been) and just get rocked for awhile till I learn the in’s and out’s of the game?

When I finally do go to the lab, what should I learn first?




both help, probably start playing online first imo. Lab is good for execution practice, dont jump into the more technical stuff like option selects and shit until you have the foundations down. Playing online will give you a feel on the spacings that work best for your character vs other characters, and whats bad.


You’re “starting” with Ryu, but really you have to learn what the other characters are capable of doing and know how to defend against them. Effectively, you’re starting with Ryu AND the whole cast.


First of all, this is the first time you play a fighting game, the first time you play Street Fighter? Explain.


No I Main marvel, I use zero/vergil/hawkeye there. I’m decent in marvel but trying to get good. Recently got frustrated with it so I looked to AE to pick up cuz I wanted to play AE for awhile.

I was in the melee scene for a good 5 years before dropping melee for marvel. Been playing marvel since vanilla’s release. I played AE for a little while, maybe a month tops like 8 months ago and used Sagat but it was just for fun. Now I’m actually trying to learn how to play and stuff so yeah.


So you’re on the same train as me lol. If you’re familiar with fighting games then I recommend you first stepping into training mode and learning Ryu basics. Maximizing damage is very important because if not you need your opponent to make more mistakes in order to win. Also learn a couple of setups and frame traps so as you practice while playing. If you don’t you’ll frustrate (as I did).


First things you should learn is how to use your normals. The range of them and what area in front of or above you that they cover. What range you should use c.mk or c.mp. Combos are awesome, but this is a game about fundamentals. Google Maj’s Footsie Handbook. Footsies is street fighter…especially so for a character like Ryu. A combo will get you a few extra damage when they make a mistake, but footsies and good blocking will win the match.


Okay, for anyone who wants to start playing Street Fighter, I recommend these things:

Vesper Arcade’s Street Fighter 4 Tutorial - http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL744144A71C67D816
Gets a bit ridiculous sometimes but definitely learned a lot from it, regardless.

Maj’s Footsie Handbook like was previously recommended - http://sonichurricane.com/?page_id=1702
For general footsies. Insightful stuff.

David Sirlin’s Playing to Win - http://www.sirlin.net/ptw/
For the mindset.

Justin Wong’s Step Up Your Game - http://www.eventhubs.com/columns/
Insight from several angles and from a current pro player’s perspective. Also covers a bit of Marvel.

Seth Killian’s Domination 101 is also worth checking out.