Just picked up SF x Tekken


I’m completly new to this game and fighting games in general, I’m gonna play as Kazuya/Hworang and King, there are no combo guides in this game/trils [this is the iphone version BTW] so I have been pretty much just been spamming special with no avail, so if you guys could direct me on what I need to do so I can start playing online?


The iOS version has just been released, so you may have to be patient for a bit before someone could come up with a guide for the iPhone. I’m not sure if the combos being done in the home consoles would work in the app as well.


I was going to load this onto my iPod Touch but I can’t update my iOS yet :x


The home console combos don’t work at all on the iphone version. I grabbed it since it was only 2$ and wanted to kill some time at work. Due to the game having 1 punch button 1 kick button 1 special move button and then your “x” button for switching out you can’t choose to press heavy punch for example. This changes the combos a lot. For example my BnB chun li combo involves her b+mk mk jump cancel j.hk hk into various finishers, usually 3x head stomp. You can’t do this combo in the iOS version. Instead you do b.k k (gives you the mk) jump cancel j.k, sp, c.k. Or if you have meter to blow skip the sp and put in a qcf x. It will restand the opponent into your x assault combo and maybe give you a gem. (the gem activations are random it seems, you pick what kind you want and when you meet the condition it “slot machines” the gem.)

I have never been amazing at discovering combos, I often just find other peoples and tweak them to work for me. But the iOS version of the game has a very limited system to work with. Most of us for example are use to not only having 3 different strengths of kick. but those strengths of kick each having different effects depending on if we are close to our opponent or not. That is even taken out and kick will always get you the same kick. The only variable is which direction you are holding when you press that K button.