Just played this

So, I just played this game today and I just started to understand Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition. Someone told me that the combo system on the game was a little like Super Street Fighter so I think I might get used to it. What I’m trying to ask is, does most aspects of the game work like Super Street Fighter IV? Is the combos the same, I heard Tekken characters have a lot of target combos? When I saw videos of the game it seemed like the game had some type of system that allowed bigger combos (where the character would flash yellow), what is that?

I’m asking all of these questions because I want to know if I should go buy the game and try it out or is Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition easier for me to do now?

The combo system has chains and links .it wouldn’t be hard to get into I think its easier to get into than sf4

It’s nothing like Super.

It feels more like the alpha series link ups, also the speed. I know a bunch of SF4 players that felt out of there element when the played it.

I think drawing comparisons between SFxT and Super is a bit of a trap, because in all honesty, the two are only similar visually. Trying to play SFxT as though it is similar to Super will get you killed more often than not because SFxT is a much more aggressive game. It rewards risky gameplay and encourages unsafe tactics, which squares with the nature of VS titles in general.

That said, SFxT isn’t* better* than Super, just* different*. I wouldn’t consider it an upgrade, because it’s so vastly different that it’s really an entirely different game. If you got SFxT, you wouldn’t have to stop playing Super.